Convenient Kitchen Groceries – one week of cooking supplies

So it seems I have been cooking much more lately. Why is that you might ask, especially when I either eat out or eat mum’s food? Answer: Convenient Kitchen Groceries sponsored me one week of their concept product to trial. Initially when I received the email with the offer, I was at an impasse as … Continue reading

Green Tea Ice Cream Cake

Dad’s 50th birthday was coming up, and having being unsatisfied by most green tea cakes available in Melbourne, I decided to bake a cake I had been eyeing for a long time from Gourmet Baking. Given I don’t have an ice cream maker, and am virtually bankrupt at the moment, I decided on adapting the … Continue reading

Al’s Cooking – Banana Cake: simple but super fluffy!

A very simple recipe for a deliciously moist, fluffy and very aromatic banana cake! It’s not the prettiest cake, but once you take a bite through that lovely soft interior, I’m sure you’ll forgive the appearance. P.S. I cheated on this one, since this current banana cake is courtesy of mum, though I have made it … Continue reading

Al’s cooking – ‘PRIZE winning’ Double Chocolate Brownies

“A chocolate brownie is a flat, baked square or bar introduced in the United States at the end of the nineteenth century. … [It is a] dense, rich chocolate cake, which is, in texture, like a cross between a cake and a cookie”. See: Wikipedia Having signed myself up for the Melbourne Blogger’s Mad-Hatter Event, … Continue reading

Effortless meal #2 – warm salad of gooey omelette, tuna and tomato

It’s my final week up in Bendigo – YAY to no more cooking for ‘myself’. In an effort to try clear out what food I have in the fridge this is my haphazard attempt at throwing things together and hope to god it works. So how did it fair? Not bad at all! Surprisingly there … Continue reading

Effortless meal #1 – Egg, pesto & avocado salad sandwich

It’s quite easy to fall into the trap of ‘nothing good can be done quickly’, especially if you’re comparing with super complex & involved recipes with a million ingredients. If one had time who wouldn’t want to be eating that at home. Trying new things, mixing things around, keeping it simple are key to keeping … Continue reading

Attempt at cooking #2: Lindt chocolate panna cotta

Recipe: (courtesy of Neil Perry + Donna Hays, and tinkered by me – less sweet + creamy… ironically this dessert is cream based LOL) Main ingredients: – 100g chocolate (lindt 70%) – 400ml pouring cream – 1/4 cup caster sugar  – gelatin leaves (didn’t have any, so i used powder (2tsp) instead)  Method: argh… too much … Continue reading

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    Average: palatable but many shortcomings

    Yummy: a pleasant experience

    Yummy +1: mouth-watering like rain

    Yummy +2: exquisite flavours that hit all the right notes

    Divine: sheer culinary perfection!

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