Red Bean Kitchen

430 Burwood Road Hawthorn VIC 3122 03 9815 2488 Jutting out from the pastel-blue walls is a fluoro-red signage, which makes for a typical visually-loud Asian frontage. Given its semi-remoteness (away from the hustle of Glenferrie Rd) I’d say it most definitely needs it for most cars would otherwise zoom straight past it. Though by … Continue reading

Pan Asian Restaurant

267 Chapel St, Prahran, 3181 03 9533 7022 Having recently missed out on both the nuffnang blogger meet up and the duck fest, I was in quite a state of dismay. Luckily though, I had $40 worth of vouchers presented to me by Crowdmass. The only condition was that it had to be redeemed during lunch … Continue reading

NZ part 8 – taken on the run!

We accumulated a hell-of-a-lot of mileage on our rental car in New Zealand! Here’s a few shots of our experience on the road. Note some photos were taken literally on the run, and may cause a little nausea and queasiness, so please have a bag ready if your susceptible to sea / car sickness =P. In … Continue reading

eat, laugh and be married

Weddings are the ultimate institution of uniting two people, and is a time of tremendous joy and emotion – the exchange of vows, the reels of beautiful photography and not to mention the hugely stressful hustle and bustle. Yet it is hard to find a frown upon any face. In planning for over a year, one … Continue reading

The French Brasserie

2 Malthouse Lane, (Off Flinders Ln, near Exhibition St) Melbourne 3000 The long awaited review on the mini-degustation menu at French Brasserie is finally here! Apologies it has been a very long time since I received this voucher courtesy of the Mad-Hatter Spring picnic food bloggers event, for my Double Chocolate Brownies (which I have since … Continue reading

NZ part 7 – honey, ice cream, ribs and sushi ??

This week marked the beginning of another chapter in my life, now putting into clinical practice what I’ve learnt in theory over the last 6 years. It has been a long week of irritating pager *beeps*, extreme multitasking and unbelievably steep learning curve, not to mention the stress of responsibility. I promise, as I ease … Continue reading

NZ part 6 – Blooms, arches and shadows from Hamilton

 Now before I rush into the food, I must first guide you through this stunning garden of wondrous arches and blooming colours… Entrance way to the Paradise Collection of Hamilton Gardens. Left: A cone of line towards the Chinese Gardens. Right: Glimmering Renaissance latticework. Chinese column-roof decorations no doubt. A different sort of arch – one … Continue reading

NZ trip part 5 – in the Heart of Mordor.

Given my busyness of late – starting work – I think I am going to have to speed things up a bit and post all my photo collections from New Zealand, and try to post the more descriptive pieces when I can. Enjoy! Originally I was planning on taking one of the BEST walks in New Zealand – … Continue reading

Lord Stow’s Portuguese Tarts – Macao

A quick post from my Asia collection… 1 Rua Do Tassara, Coloane Town Square, Macao 28882534 Craving for egg tarts, I looked through some of my HK / Macao photos and realised I had not yet posted (among many other posts) about Macao’s infamous Portuguese Tarts. Macao rule #1 (an adaptation from an age old … Continue reading

Green Tea Ice Cream Cake

Dad’s 50th birthday was coming up, and having being unsatisfied by most green tea cakes available in Melbourne, I decided to bake a cake I had been eyeing for a long time from Gourmet Baking. Given I don’t have an ice cream maker, and am virtually bankrupt at the moment, I decided on adapting the … Continue reading

NZ part 4 – perilous land of Fire, Rotorua

Nicknamed the Sulfur City, Rotorua sits on a geothermally active site providing it with beautiful eruptions of geysers, thermally heated waters for spas and unmistakably a cloud of sulfide (sulfur) emissions akin to the smell of rotten eggs. You can really only fully appreciate the ubiquitous nature of the odor when you have arrived – it smells … Continue reading

Earl Canteen – Morning Chomp-Fest Part 3

A little intermission from the posts from Kiwi-land… 500 Bourke Street (enter via Lt Bourke) Melbourne, 3000 9600 1995 In a mechanical-robotic voice: “Please browse through part one and part two of this series in a systematic manner before progressing on to the final chapter. Thank you for your cooperation” =). After a half hour … Continue reading

NZ part 3 – Oysters for brunch and Middle Earth for lunch

Rising out of bed nice and early we were able to catch the cool morning dew at Mt Eden on our way out of Auckland. Without a map, and a rather stupid GPS, we found ourselves semi-lost at the base of the mound, not knowing which road to take up to the peak. After 10-15 … Continue reading

10 days around New Zealand (part 2) – Crystal Harbour Restaurant

After some research before jetting over, I found many nice restaurants would be closed during the holiday period, and given we weren’t particularly inclined to dine at any place with a Christmas set menu – one: it is generally a rip off, two: quality is likely to be lower – we decided on betting our money on … Continue reading

10 days around New Zealand (part 1) – Auckland City

I’m BACK!!! Hope everyone had an incredibly awesome holiday break! Thank you all my awesome readers for all the all the support, comments and what not =). May the the year ahead be filled with many food journeys, delicious experiences, and many joyous memories. So, to kick start 2011, this will be the first of … Continue reading

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