Favourite pork bellies in Melbourne?

I was recently asked by a friend for recommendations for best pork bellies around. It didn’t take me long to come up with a list of places I loved, enjoyed and even places to avoid. I thought I would share part of that list here with you…


[Anada] visit 1 & 2.
Dish: Ottway Rangers (Vic) pork belly with fennel seed & smoky aubergine
Pork belly category: crispy & brittle

“… interchanging layers of succulent fat infiltrated meat and lean meat that was fall-off-the-bone-tender… crackling was simply heavenly – golden brown and super crispy…”

Portello Rosso also makes a decent Spanish rendition.


[Taxi Dining Room]
Dish: Sticky pork & red chilli dressing
Pork belly category: Sticky & sweet

“…this small cube of golden caramelised pork belly was a little sticky and sweet, bursting with pork juice, and very lightly spiced.”


[Earl canteen]

Dish: Pork belly Baguette
Pork belly category: Crispy & sandwich

“…skin on the Otway pork was gorgeously crispy with haphazardly shredded pieces of tender meat. There were paper-thin slices of apple, green coleslaw of cabbage and fennel and a bit of wilted silverbeet…”

Maha bar and grill

[Maha bar & grill]
Dish: Tunisian brik bangalow pork belly, pork popcorn, Lebanese kimchi, onion mayo
Pork belly category: crispy & pastry wrapped

“…this dark plate serves up a well caramelised pork belly, wrapped in a deep fried paper-thin pastry. There is a strange contrast between the Lebanese kimchi (which is hardly spicy) and moreish pork popcorn.”


[Dead Mean Espresso]
Dish: BLT
Pork belly category: crispy & sandwich

“Sandwiched between a moist but crisp buttery brioche, smeared with a zingy paste of spinach, the crackled pork belly was super crispy, juicy, and absolutely delish. A small salad and tangy salsa was provided to help cut through…”


Dish: Buta Kakuni pork belly simmered in sweet soy sauce
Pork belly category: moist & sweet


[I-spicy] (hawthorn) 

Dish: Crispy pork with red curry
Pork belly category: crispy & spicy

“…the crackle of skin, succulence of pork belly flesh, and chilli heat of curry are to die for.”


[Davids restaurant]
Dish: country comfort sticky pork belly 
Pork belly category: moist & sticky

“…with chat potatoes [this sticky pork belly is] rustic yet indulgent and very satisfying – “country comfort” indeed.”

Have I missed any of your favourites, that you might want me to try? Please let me know!!!

6 Responses to “Favourite pork bellies in Melbourne?”
  1. Love this post, Allan!!! I’m a big fan of pork belly too. And if you haven’t already tried, Red Spice Road pork belly with the chilli caramel is by far my favourite!!! It melts in your mouth and the flavour’s so so amazing.

  2. Thanks for compiling your list of favourites! I want to try the curry one! 😀

  3. amazing, I’m drooling as I read through this.

    Agree with Michell, Red Spice Road pork belly also amazing. wow.

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