Snow Pony

95 Whitehorse Rd Balwyn 9816 8911 Sister store of the awesome Porgie + Mr Jones, Snow Pony also serves breaky all day every day, and is MUCH closer to me! Their ingredients are all organic / gourmet. 10.30am on a Sunday morning it was bustling with people & apparently 3 waiters short. Clearly a table … Continue reading

Taste of Melbourne 2010

Arriving extra early (5pm) to meet Thanh (so he can pass me some of his free tickets), meant extra time spent in the dreaded chilly weather, and it almost started pouring. Then before the opening … a firetruck pulled up after what seemed like a “fire” accident inside, and all the staff inside were evacuated – – what … Continue reading

Parisian Patisserie

19 Keilor Road Essendon Was invited to indulge my senses here by my cousin Thanh:     Croissants d’amande (almond) – slightly crispy shell with a divine light texture (a little different from your average flaky croissant, err-ing slightly on cake-like; just enough to keep the almonds from sagging like a biscuit), subtle aromas of … Continue reading

Attempt at cooking #2: Lindt chocolate panna cotta

Recipe: (courtesy of Neil Perry + Donna Hays, and tinkered by me – less sweet + creamy… ironically this dessert is cream based LOL) Main ingredients: – 100g chocolate (lindt 70%) – 400ml pouring cream – 1/4 cup caster sugar  – gelatin leaves (didn’t have any, so i used powder (2tsp) instead)  Method: argh… too much … Continue reading

  • Food RATING scale

    Unpleasant: damn upset my desire to eat

    Average: palatable but many shortcomings

    Yummy: a pleasant experience

    Yummy +1: mouth-watering like rain

    Yummy +2: exquisite flavours that hit all the right notes

    Divine: sheer culinary perfection!

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