Queenstown: Top things to do during Summer

Having spent a fair while exploring Wellington and *ahem* visiting my sister (Travel & Food guides to Wellington), I then took a detour down to Queenstown, hired a car and thus began my northward travel back towards Wellington along South Island’s stunningly diverse west coast. A few travel details: How did I get there? I … Continue reading

Food Guide to Wellington: Logan Brown, Tatsushi, Charley Noble, Ortega.

This shall be a brief run down on several favourite places I managed to dine at during my short stay in Wellington. As I have said previously in my last post – Travel guide to Wellington – this smallish city is a melting pot for food. Read about brunch options, Wellington’s Sunday food market, and … Continue reading

Travel guide to Wellington – Top things to do

Wellington may be known for its volatile weather, at times crossing several seasons – hurricane winds, flash rain, and sunshine all in a day, but this harbour city is full of character. The pristine water glistens, the air breathes of the surrounding lush hills (acting like the lungs of the city), and yet for such … Continue reading

NZ part 9 – final chapter

In the days, weeks and even months after a much needed indulgent, relaxing and refreshing holiday, many of us – unfortunately – fall prey to post-holiday blues. People say contemplating the next holiday helps, but seriously? I do that and I feel more depressed that it is so so so long away. Though sad to … Continue reading

NZ part 8 – taken on the run!

We accumulated a hell-of-a-lot of mileage on our rental car in New Zealand! Here’s a few shots of our experience on the road. Note some photos were taken literally on the run, and may cause a little nausea and queasiness, so please have a bag ready if your susceptible to sea / car sickness =P. In … Continue reading

NZ part 7 – honey, ice cream, ribs and sushi ??

This week marked the beginning of another chapter in my life, now putting into clinical practice what I’ve learnt in theory over the last 6 years. It has been a long week of irritating pager *beeps*, extreme multitasking and unbelievably steep learning curve, not to mention the stress of responsibility. I promise, as I ease … Continue reading

NZ part 6 – Blooms, arches and shadows from Hamilton

 Now before I rush into the food, I must first guide you through this stunning garden of wondrous arches and blooming colours… Entrance way to the Paradise Collection of Hamilton Gardens. Left: A cone of line towards the Chinese Gardens. Right: Glimmering Renaissance latticework. Chinese column-roof decorations no doubt. A different sort of arch – one … Continue reading

NZ trip part 5 – in the Heart of Mordor.

Given my busyness of late – starting work – I think I am going to have to speed things up a bit and post all my photo collections from New Zealand, and try to post the more descriptive pieces when I can. Enjoy! Originally I was planning on taking one of the BEST walks in New Zealand – … Continue reading

NZ part 4 – perilous land of Fire, Rotorua

Nicknamed the Sulfur City, Rotorua sits on a geothermally active site providing it with beautiful eruptions of geysers, thermally heated waters for spas and unmistakably a cloud of sulfide (sulfur) emissions akin to the smell of rotten eggs. You can really only fully appreciate the ubiquitous nature of the odor when you have arrived – it smells … Continue reading

NZ part 3 – Oysters for brunch and Middle Earth for lunch

Rising out of bed nice and early we were able to catch the cool morning dew at Mt Eden on our way out of Auckland. Without a map, and a rather stupid GPS, we found ourselves semi-lost at the base of the mound, not knowing which road to take up to the peak. After 10-15 … Continue reading

10 days around New Zealand (part 2) – Crystal Harbour Restaurant

After some research before jetting over, I found many nice restaurants would be closed during the holiday period, and given we weren’t particularly inclined to dine at any place with a Christmas set menu – one: it is generally a rip off, two: quality is likely to be lower – we decided on betting our money on … Continue reading

10 days around New Zealand (part 1) – Auckland City

I’m BACK!!! Hope everyone had an incredibly awesome holiday break! Thank you all my awesome readers for all the all the support, comments and what not =). May the the year ahead be filled with many food journeys, delicious experiences, and many joyous memories. So, to kick start 2011, this will be the first of … Continue reading

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