About me
“A 20-something year old Melbourne-born food lover, who’s always hungry and is therefore always seeking to eat! Has grown up with an Asian palate, but has a growing zeal for all ‘walks of food’. “

First of all, to explain my “eating” situation : I am forever in a state of hunger and peckish’ness, no matter how recent my last meal was. On average a decently filling meal will only provide a maximum of 20 minutes relief from this ailment of mine and then I’m already musing over the next meal … hence “Almost Always Ravenous“.

It took a quite a prolonged period of time for this blog to happen. Urbanspoon brief reviews came first. Then a superficial and very transient blogger.com account – one week to be exact. And then we arrive at my current incarnation.

Why I write this blog you may ask? In all truth, it is a little piece of everything jammed together into a small microcosm of digital space. It is a love for food (mostly eating it rather than cooking it), a way to document and share my adventures, and an excuse to bring and shoot with an SLR wherever I eat.

Special mentions to Thanh @ I Eat Therefore I am, for inviting me to guest blog acting as a catalyst for me to start posting properly on my own. And also many thanks to those who have and who will continue to share new and exciting food experiences, not to mention food comas with me.


Addit 5/12/12 :

It has been over two years since the birth of this blog now. There have been times I thought about putting my pen down coupled with long periods of absence. But there has never been a break in my continuing forage around Melbourne and across the beautiful corners of the world, and now feel more than ever that my blog is my portal of sharing and preserving my experiences and thoughts. I do hope you have enjoyed it so far. I will endeavour to continue what I do – my way of course.


Being an increasingly photo obsessive-whorer, I am now equipped with the following (for now):
Body: Canon 550D
Lens: Canon 17-55mm f2.8 IS USM.
… I used to use a Nikon, but that’s a lifetime ago now.

Contacting me
I would really appreciate your feedback, and would love to hear about any suggestions, events regarding food, or just to drop in to say ‘hi’. Feel free to shoot me an email / facebook message / tweet or check out some of my photography on Flickr.

Email:  almostalwaysravenous [@] gmail [dot] com

Hope you enjoy my journal of culinary experiences and assortment of amateur photography, and please be patient whilst I continue constructing, adding and refurbishing.

Almost Always Ravenous



All the ramble and ratings that appear on this blog are of my own subjective opinion based on the experiences on that particular day. All expenses from my adventures are self-funded, unless otherwise stated. Attendance to events or restaurants are on a strictly no obligation basis.

All writing, photography and design on https://almostalwaysravenous.wordpress.com is copyright AlmostAlwaysRavenous © 2010-12, unless indicated otherwise. All rights reserved.

13 Responses to “About”
  1. Jenny says:

    Blog is looking good!!!

  2. Lunchosaurus says:

    Hi there,
    I really like your blog, I think you’re doing great. I’m also a food fiend, but prefer to read unpretentious sorts of reviews which is where you come in, so well done:)
    I’m in Melbourne and I food-blog too, you can find me at lunchosaurus.tumblr.com. I’m hoping to review Earl Canteen asap, your post reminded me how I’d been wanting to check it out.

    Anyway that’s all from me, and good luck in the bloggy world.
    P.S., if you’re not already on Twitter it’s a good way to network with all sorts of hungry folk.

    See ya round,
    Svetlana of Lunchosaurus

  3. david says:

    Hey Al,

    One word, two syllables, greasy.

  4. Kel says:

    Hi! I’m not a blogger but just became a fan. Love the honest reviews and beautiful food porn. Keep it up 🙂

  5. shelly says:

    Hi there,

    You got an awesome blog! im not a blogger but im a foodie which explain how i ended up at your blog 😉
    thank you for taking time to blog about the restaurants in Melbourne. loves the photos that come with the reviews, sort of tempting me to try the place.
    keep it up especially for asian restaurant!

  6. Miss Holiday says:

    I only just discovered your blog (goodness knows why), and it is so beautiful, well-written and thorough. I have the same ailment as you (chronic hunger), so your little bio instantly drew me in. I’m so looking forward to my next Melbourne trip, this will be my go-to guide! Thanks so much for a really wonderful blog.

  7. TT says:

    Great durian shots Allan.
    I came across your site whilst googling for durian in Melbourne.
    I have a strong craving for durian but am told its not in season in Sg atm.
    I will return to Mel tml.
    Do you know where I can find good durian in Mel city?


  8. indjagar says:

    I wanted to say that I absolutely love your blog. Really great posts.

    I also wanted to ask if I could steal your Grading System (it’s such a great one. Mine just doesn’t make sense). I will credit you for it, off course. (who need michelin stars when there’s this better system with Yummy points?)

    • I think it’s worth while sticking with something, and tweaking it as you go. Having something unique is important!
      It is probably worthwhile putting your ranking / rating somewhere in the post thats easily visible though. Just a thought

  9. Chetana says:

    Hi, your blog is a visual treat. I am from Melbourne and a food blogger too. Good to meet you.

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