NZ trip part 5 – in the Heart of Mordor.

Given my busyness of late – starting work – I think I am going to have to speed things up a bit and post all my photo collections from New Zealand, and try to post the more descriptive pieces when I can. Enjoy!

Originally I was planning on taking one of the BEST walks in New Zealand – Tongariro Crossing – to get up close to the treacherous landscapes of Mount Doom. But being 8 hours long on a not-so-flat terrain, I was out voted out 3-to-1… damn lazyness!!! We still managed to take in some awesome awesome volcanic scenery though =).

In the distance stands the site where the One Ring was forged by Lord Sauron, the legendary Orodruin (aka Mount Doom) with a black, arid face that rises high into the clouds. In reality: Mount Ngauruhoe, New Zealand.

Mount Ruapehu – where some of the rocky volcanic slopes were adapted as part of the slopes of Mt Doom.

Now to begin the climb up the icy Mt Ruapehua…

…or should I say a “cop-out” by taking the chairlift…haha

the fog is coming…

Sitting next to a melting sheet of ice, and shrouded in mist / cloud.

I think we better get DOWN the mountain NOW! Actually I was ok with a quick climb up to the peak given there were heaps of other silly people like me, but parents were let’s say quite petrified by the fog blowing over us.

kaBOOM!!! Ok so I’m being a little melodramatic here. The mountain didn’t exactly erupt before us… this happened back in 1995. But still quite a scary thought though, given it is actually an ACTIVE volcano.

At the top of a small ridge between the two volcanic mountains. Sometimes test shots (that you did not intend to be successful) turn out with an unexpected composition and lighting effect, offering an interesting perspective.

And to finish off, just a little mountain sustainance we had before heading down back… =)

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6 Responses to “NZ trip part 5 – in the Heart of Mordor.”
  1. Hannah says:

    Okay, as a self-confessed LOTR geek who can still recite Aragorn’s poem by heart :P, I must say that his post makes me super jealous. But I LOVE the jumping shot!

  2. msihua says:

    Oh wow! I would love to go and see Mt Doom.. I use to read the entire LOTR (not just the 3 books) the silmarillion and the hobbit itself, once a year … so I think I’ve read it about 8 times? But yeah… I can never get enough… ONE RING TO RULE THEM ALL!

  3. hannah – awwww. well there were heaps of places and things to do that i didn’t manage to. HEAPS ANd heaps of awesome stuff in NZ

    msihua – 8 times???? wat??? and we visited the Hobbiton as well (with the NEW SET), but can’t post anything about that… =(

    michelle – DAMN U… HK … GAHHHHHH

  4. Agnes says:

    AWW pretty! Awesome photos, Allan!

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