NZ part 6 – Blooms, arches and shadows from Hamilton

 Now before I rush into the food, I must first guide you through this stunning garden of wondrous arches and blooming colours…

Entrance way to the Paradise Collection of Hamilton Gardens.

Left: A cone of line towards the Chinese Gardens. Right: Glimmering Renaissance latticework.

Chinese column-roof decorations no doubt.

A different sort of arch – one that is vibrantly green and highly flexible.

Aesthetically circular arches in the background

A vivacious explosion of white and yellow. I am quite proud to have caught the lonely white English garden chair in the backdrop.

More energetic fields of colour! Note how there is a cheeky person playing cool… 

Right: all that I could capture with my relatively standard lens kit … sad I know. It was supposed to be a spectactular constellation of glow worms in a pitch black cave – Waitomo Caves. 

Ok finally what you have been all waiting for… FOOD!

Baan Thai Cuisine
829 Victoria St
Hamilton, New Zealand
07 8342162

Delicious assortment of little bites. Most memorable morsel would easily have been the fish cakes – juicy with a mild kick.

A tangy and crunchy Thai style salad with beef.

Gaeng Phed Yang – A creamy, acidic red curry broth with delectable bites of juicy vegetables and tender cuts of duck.

Ooooh, guess what this is…

Gaen Paneng – each bite of the chilli paste covered prawns was an explosion of acidity, coconut and crunch.

And finally a request from Ms JH – Pad Thai (Chicken). A sweet stir fry of chewy rice noodles.

Rating: Yummy +1. Overall quite a pleasant surprise for a town-size a bit smaller than Shepparton.

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12 Responses to “NZ part 6 – Blooms, arches and shadows from Hamilton”
  1. Miss JH says:

    my absolute favourite!!!!

  2. I do love the photos. Doesn’t seem like you were in New Zealand?

  3. Alex says:

    Shepparton? Why do u use Shepparton as an example lol?

  4. Hannah says:

    What gorgeous colours in your scenery photos! I also love the look of the Gaen Paneng, particularly as I hadn’t heard of that dish before!

  5. penny – the north doesn’t have much of the icy mountains of the south island, that might be why … =P

    alex – just a random thought =)

    Hannah – thanks! And it was delicious too

  6. msihua says:

    That shot of all the bamboo trees is my favourite.. beautiful shot!

  7. The photos are amazing! I’m going to have to use your posts as a guide when I visit NZ one day :).

  8. The pictures look really nice!

  9. msihua – i should put up a voting feature ey?

    april – hehe, only for the north island though. i still need to visit the south!!!

    michelle – thx!

  10. Thanh says:

    Loving the photos. My favourite is the first shot of the round arch.

  11. Fan #99 says:

    I adore your photos, some of them are funny. =P

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