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A short hiatus again…

Hi all, There shall be a short short hiatus, whilst I am busy with applying for jobs next year and also playing with my new camera when it arrives. Work and play all at the same time. =) I know I am many many many many many posts behind, and will have a lot to … Continue reading


Short Hiatus

Hi all, Hope you all had / having a wonderful Mother’s Day! I am jet-setting off to China for two whole weeks. But don’t be frazzled, there will only be a short hiatus of posts and in fact there are a couple of posts I have managed to finish and schedule over the next week … Continue reading

Happy Chinese New Year

Hey all, Hope everyone is having a great Chinese New Year, full of excessive eating and indulgence =). Had a busy day today, and a very satisfying and intoxicating meal tonight =). SO much so that I’ve forgotten to take any photos of the home made shark fin soup, abalone / sea cucumber / fish … Continue reading

NZ part 7 – honey, ice cream, ribs and sushi ??

This week marked the beginning of another chapter in my life, now putting into clinical practice what I’ve learnt in theory over the last 6 years. It has been a long week of irritating pager *beeps*, extreme multitasking and unbelievably steep learning curve, not to mention the stress of responsibility. I promise, as I ease … Continue reading

Seasons GreetingS!

Dear all my awesome readers, This will possibly be the last post of 2010, since I’m jetting off to NewZealand TOMORROW morning! I will have a million posts to catch up on when I get back, so stay tuned after the short break! In the meanwhile, I wish everyone a food-coma-laden Christmas and a very … Continue reading

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