Earl Canteen – Morning Chomp-Fest Part 3

A little intermission from the posts from Kiwi-land…

500 Bourke Street (enter via Lt Bourke)
Melbourne, 3000
9600 1995

In a mechanical-robotic voice: “Please browse through part one and part two of this series in a systematic manner before progressing on to the final chapter. Thank you for your cooperation” =).

After a half hour or so of aimless wondering to somewhat aid digestion, we decided to complete the final round of the Chomp Fest. And by ‘we’ I mean just me and Mr ES, we actually lost Mr CK in appetite after the first round, and literally in presence after the second.

It was busy peri-lunch crowd time (aka 1pm) – what a pain! From a distance it seemed like the queue was epic, but on closer look most were just peeking passerby. Previously I had only tried the macarons, and now I was eager to try the much raved about baguettes. So, 2 baguettes, ½ of each per person – awesome!

Pork belly – What can I say, the skin on the Otway pork was gorgeously crispy with haphazardly shredded pieces of tender meat. There were paper-thin slices of apple, green coleslaw of cabbage and fennel and a bit of wilted silverbeet. Though quite scrumptious I think I may have been more impressed if I had not had the most divine piece of pork belly at Anada just a few weeks before.

12 hour lamb – The lamb was no doubt fall-off-the-bone type of tender and paired well with the slightly crispy and mildly honey-sweet carrots. The gremolata really gave a much needed herb’y vibrancy. I actually preferred this one over the pork belly, and that says something.

The bread deserves a special mention, since it is sourced from Dench bakers – delightfully fluffy in the middle with a crunchy but not tough outer shell.

Rating: Yummy+1-licious. If I worked nearby, I could possibly have this on most days for lunch – some seriously mean baguettes. P.S. Despite the sunshine, the courtyard was perilously windy and sad to say, part of my 12 hour lamb fell prey to nature’s wrath. So be wary when dining outside!

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8 Responses to “Earl Canteen – Morning Chomp-Fest Part 3”
  1. hhaaa! you poor thing… I think you have to go back and get more of the lamb 😉

  2. Ashley says:

    Hmm, luckily I haven’t been to Anada so I very much enjoyed chomping on my boyfriend’s Pork belly baguette!

    I had the lamb too, soooo delicious! 🙂 No macarons though?!

  3. Penny – damn i know yeh… too bad my list of to go to is ever horrendously long. and as much as i keep repeating that i intend to go back to places… it seems to take forever to LOL.

    Ashley – yeh, well i do still have a “small” conscience over how much fat / sugar i can consume in a mere few hours =P. if i came back a few hours later i would’ve had some macarons, although i was musing over Duncan’s macarons which are no longer at earl canteen. hrmph

  4. I love the sandwiches here! Pricey but I’m happy!

  5. renikameow says:

    Argghh! Sucks it only opens lunchtimes! I love the look of the pork belly *drools*

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