Anada – half a year later

197 Gertrude St
Fitzroy, 3065
03 9415 6101

Following a tragic stumble across Melbourne for well over an hour for a lunch spot, we ended up on Gertrude Street. It seems like a day for second visits, first Auction Rooms, now Anada – a place with positively memories attached to it, partly in its dining experience but also as the place I celebrated my graduation. The décor remains the largely the same as I last remember it.

Syrian lentils on crouton with crispy onion – served on what looks like a cardboard-plate are these golden croutons with an earthy spoonful of Syrian lentils, topped with crispy crumbs of onion. My only negative: it is a tad heavy on salt.

Salt cod and garlic shoot croqueta – oval shaped morsels of creamy cod wrapped in a crispy, golden-brown exterior.

Morcilla – the square block of black pudding gave a rich and slightly metallic taste (no doubt from the Iron in the blood, duh), rooved by a lightly pan fried quail egg to provide a touch of light elegance. Probably not for the faint hearted…

Beetroot – thick juicy slices of beetroot marinated in a sharp sherry vinegar, worked well with the creamy texture of the labneh. Shreds of mint adds a bit of cool aftertaste.

Pork belly with fennel seed and smoky aubergine – the crackle was crisp and the belly juicy, the aubergine had a nice tangy-acidity and it is by all means a good rendition. Though having tasted the great rendition of its heavenly crackling late last year which had a blisteringly brittle crackle that not only crunched, it also melted away in your mouth, I would like to see that version come back.

Paella with chicken, prawns, cuttlefish, clams, and skate – the fresh selection of seafood and the perfectly cooked rice with the coveted thin base of caramelised-rice-crusting against the pan really allowed this paella to burst at the seams with bold sea flavours. The only niggling thought was that it might be a tad on the saltier side, but only my personal preference for less salt, and certainly such a dish requires a certain degree of salinity to bring out the aromas.

Rating: Yummy +1 – well executed, reasonably priced and still in my mind comparable to Movida. Indeed there are a few small cracks in the details, but these are easily forgotten in the grand scheme of things.

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10 Responses to “Anada – half a year later”
  1. Ashley says:

    Oh my goodness. I saw the Morcilla and died. I’m such a softie for black pudding! But all the food looks equally fabulous..really need to drop by!

  2. Hannah says:

    Well done for actually making croquettes look appealing! They’re so darn hard to photograph, in my experience. 😛

    And oooh, black pudding! I tried that for the first time in June, and I’m A Fan.

  3. msihua says:

    Man I WANT black pudding!!! And your pictures are looking amazingly good. I see you’re enjoying the new camera!!!

  4. I do like Anada – I consider it the Movida-where-bookings-are-available! And I have a new camera too! Serendipitous. It is probably only as good as your old one though haha :p

  5. forque says:

    People should not be allowed to read your reviews just before lunch as it will just make them sad they cannot have it then and there.
    I have always wanted to go to Anada after being so disappointed by Movida. The morcilla and quail egg looks especially divine. (great photos too…..what camera do you use?)

    • which movida did you go to? i find they are actually quite different, but equally yum! Although probably depends what particular flavours you like, and which menu items are rotating through at the time.
      Recently went to movida (the original one on Hosier), it was amazing!

      camera – Canon 550d, with 17-55mm f2.8

      • forque says:

        Thanks for that as I am looking for a new lens at the moment and it is good to see it’s quality.
        I went to the original Movida and the food was ok but the service was actually terrible. I much prefer Bar Lourinha, which is of course very different, but I just feel there is too much hype over Movida and maybe the staff are a bit snooty about working there.

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