Spanish roundup fiesta I – Portello Rosso

Ever since coming back from Europe, I have been craving the food, particularly the French and Spanish. What does one do when you have an yearnings for food? Eat more!

Here is a short review series of three Melbourne Spanish eateries I’ve dined at since I returned in May this year …

[Portello Rosso]
Where: 15 Warburton Ln, Melbourne
Contact: 03 9602 2273

This place has been sitting on my wish list from way back. I first read about this place on Thanh’s blog but with the amount of places on my wishlist competing for my attention I never got around to it. Only now with the Spanish cravings I have finally made it.

Planted down a small alleyway, although only very short, it can appear a little dodgy. When dark at night, you feel like you might get mugged, though probably very unlikely so. That aside, nothing stops the self proclaimed foodie from venturing down for a bite.

[from top down]

Squid ink risotto balls – moist bites of ink black risotto wrapped by a thin crispy shell, with a creamy aioli. Give me one of these as a snack any day.

Tortilla – this Spanish style frittata with slivers of jamon was not a spectacular dish, but one that satisfies the hungry stomach.

The gleaming garlic prawns – Gambas Alijio – cooked in manzanilla sherry, tomato & basil accentuated the fresh succulence of said prawns.

Honey Glazed Chorizo – was a popular bite amongst the table. They were luxuriously glazed in a sweet honey and herbs, with each bit bursting with tickles to the taste buds. Mouth-watering!

Paella. The paella here is flavoursome and seafood cooked just right, if anything on the slightly saltier side (though much less so than Movida Aqui). The winning aspect is the crispy caramelisation on the base of the pan. I am not surprised the paella negra had morcilla hidden amongst the black, but nevertheless the first time I have had it in my paella. It adds a degree of metallic earthiness that is likely an acquired taste that some people may not appreciate. I personally don’t mind.

Pork belly – (not pictured) two cuts of the pork belly were super moist and crispy, served with a subtle almond and garlic puree. Although good, I still prefer the one at Anada.

Rating: Yummy+1. Clean Spanish food, with a respectable paella and choice of tapas.

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5 Responses to “Spanish roundup fiesta I – Portello Rosso”
  1. Cool discovery! It’s kinda nice to hear about somewhere different from the usual suspects (Movida, Anada, Lourinha). You captured the dishes beautifully.

    PS: please rem to update my weblink on your blogroll. =)

  2. Oh gawd spanish food is so lovely, I’m an avid movida fan and now your photos are making me drool; I have to go to portello rosso now, it’s been on my wishlist for so long!

  3. Just got around to reading this – will have to seek it out.

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