Dead Man Espresso

35 Market St
South Melbourne, 3205
03 9686 2255

I, sad to say, have only just realised that South Melbourne is such a haven for remarkable café treasures. In fact this place is only a couple of minutes walk from St Ali – – I envisage having a breakfast day out in South Melbourne soon!!!

Given their previous affiliations, husband and wife of Dead Man Espresso have decked this place out with the sleek simplicity of the likes of St Ali and Liar Liar. Not much internal lighting is needed with the warm sunlight bouncing in from the open balcony.

It was a cool breezy-almost-chilly day, making us more inclined for a seat inside. But given how packed full the place was, we could only sprawl outside. Luckily no rain or hail… =)


Coffee – underneath the smooth milky foam was a nice roasted blend of seven seeds coffee beans. They previously had their own Dead Man Espresso blend, but now only stock Seven Seeds coffee. 

Quite unfortunately by the time we ordered, a number of items on the menu had become “unavailable”. Turns out half the table ordered the BLT – given its glowing reputation – which was still available. Note: only the breakfast menu is served on weekends.

BLT – Sandwiched between a moist but crisp buttery brioche, smeared with a zingy paste of spinach, the crackled pork belly was super crispy, juicy, and absolutely delish. A small salad and tangy salsa was provided to help cut through the decadence. We wondered if one should drink the salsa or poor it over the salad or use it as a dip for the BLT – I think all three combinations can work.

Pancakes – the paper thin folds of soft fluffy crepes were topped with a vibrant forest of fruits making every bite a delicious burst of fresh juicy sweetness. Inside was a light curd (if I remember correctly of lemon) to give the needed creaminess. Note to cooks + big eaters: it is quite a small serve, and is indeed quite a simple creation probably easily created at home – not to say it isn’t worth ordering =P.

Beans (not pictured) – a generous bowl of baked beans and brioche, which is a simple filler. It is not too salty, not too indulgent, and definitely perfect for a healthy morning meal.

Rating: Yummy +1 BLT! Lazing around in the morning sunshine nibbling on a crispy BLT and sipping well brewed coffee, is surely the best way to waste away the early hours of any weekend.

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7 Responses to “Dead Man Espresso”
  1. omg i reckon if i try hard enough I can eat the strawberries off that last photo!! I really need to get out for breakfast more. Although when I go here, I will not order pancakes, if such a small serve 😉

  2. Fatbooo says:

    The best cup of coffee I’ve ever had so far is at Seven Seeds. So if they got seven seeds blend there, I’m so there. 🙂 The coffee looks lovely, as does the pancakes.

  3. The bread looks oily. that’s my only complaint so far. 🙂

  4. Ashley says:

    Phwoar, the crepes/pancakes look SO delicious. So bright and colorful looking! Loooove!

  5. oh Allan!!!! STOP IT!! stop parading such gorgeous food porn!! lol

    once again, licking the screen has failed to satisfy my hungry after seeing such amazing photos. =( *sniff sniff*

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