Unblogged 2012: return visits that I loved

In the days leading up to the end of 2012, I will shower you all with food envy from my infinite compilation of unpublished food photography. Once upon a time in the early days of this blog there was much enthusiasm to re-blog restaurants, but now return visits are partially sanctified opportunities to purely enjoy the food, without micro-analysis nor excess photo-whoring. My definition of not photo-whoring is admittedly only relative *ahem*.

This first part from the unblogged series will pay tribute to some of my favourite places, which I have previously blogged about and have returned in some cases on multiple occasions). This – revisits that is – being quite a rarity these days, any revisit is a sure sign of my approval.

Candidates are: Estelle bar & kitchen, Akachochin, The Atlantic, Albert St food and wine, Cutler & Co … in no particular order.

[Estelle bar & kitchen]
Where: 243 High St, Northcote
Contact: 9489 4609
Previous blog review: click here

With Scott Pickett and Ryan Flaherty at the helm, the Estelle never ceases to amaze. The food is always vibrant, very precise, a little playful and a little molecular. The prices have gone up a tad to keep up with inflation but it remains a fabulous suburban gem that I will keep returning to for that special occasion.

P.S. I have included the menu at the time, so if you’re in the mood for a guessing game feel free to try guess which dish is what.

estelle1estelle2estelle3 copyestelle4

Where: 33 Dukes Walk
Contact: 03 9245 9900
Previous blog review: South Wharf progressive dinner.

It has become one of my favourite Melbourne Japanese eateries. I have been at least three times since its opening, and yet I am ashamed to say I have yet to write a proper full-length post on Akachochin, despite rightfully deserving one. A little expensive yes, but it is creative yet authentic, simple yet delicately extravagant. It is all the things I adore about Japanese cuisine. Rating: Yummy+2.


Maguro Tataki – seared tuna, chives and chilli w ponzu jelly and anchovy dressing [middle]


[From top down]

Hiramasa Namerou with Rice Crackers – signature Japanese style tartar of chopped kingfish. A must try.
Wagyu Tataki – seared wagyu beef
Kaisen Futomaki – nori roll w omelette, sea eel, whitefish, salmon, tuna, kingfish, masago
Unagi Avocado Roll – inside out roll w eel, avocado, sliced onion, masago, cucumber
Buta Kakuni pork belly simmered in sweet soy sauce
Chawan Mushi – egg custard filled with fish, prawn, crab, scallops, ginko nuts, chicken, shungiku & shitake mushroom


[top down]

Black Sesame Pannacotta w Green Tea Ice Cream
Tofu Cheese Mousse w Umeshu & Pear Compote
Sweet Potato Brulee

[The Atlantic
Where: Crown, 8 Whiteman St, Melbourne
Contact: 03 9698 8888
Previous blog review: click here

My experience here remains just as positive as the first visit, if not better. There was no overcooking for one. But credit must be given for last time they did replace my grilled kingfish without as much as a flinch. The food – critters from the ocean in particular – is pared back, elegant and refined. It does however come at Southbank prices.


Now to head in a sweeter direction…

[Albert St Food and Wine]
Where: 382 Sydney Rd, Brunswick
Contact: 03 8354 6600
Previous blog review: click here

Ever since appearing on MasterChef as the dessert Queen, there have been hoards of fans following Philippa Sibley. Me included. It was not all that long ago that Albert Street opened its doors with a full savoury menu. Obviously it still had to have Philippa’s signature desserts from previous stints, but the focus was more on bringing relatively inexpensive bistro-come-café style food to Brunswick. This being something she had been meaning to branch out and do after a long run of being recognised only for her sweets. So do leave room for a little of everything, even it is just dessert you want.

P.S. please excuse the i-phone photography. For all of Philippa’s previous (and likely current also) dessert delectable creations, have a look here and here from Il Fornaio.

albert street food

[Cutler and Co
Where: 57 Gertrude St, Fitzroy
Contact: 9419 4888
Previous blog reviews: visit 1, visit 2.

Anyone who has followed this blog long enough will know Cutler and Co’s sweet menu is among my most beloved in Melbourne with violet, caramel and chocolate nearly always predictably present, in a divine sort of way of course. The chocolate ice cream sandwich is the signature. And the rest, well, you will just have to try them for yourselves. I have been at least four times, full stop.

cutler & co

That is it for now… give your eyes a break =).

But if you haven’t had enough, you might like these:

Merricote, Northcote
The Estelle, Northcote
Brunch at De Clieu, Fitzroy
Golden Fields, St Kilda

Estelle Bar & Kitchen on Urbanspoon

Akachochin on Urbanspoon

The Atlantic on Urbanspoon

Albert Street Food and Wine on Urbanspoon

Cutler & Co on Urbanspoon

2 Responses to “Unblogged 2012: return visits that I loved”
  1. Great round up. I too am at a loss about what to do with the places I wasn’t able to do individual blog posts for. This may be the solution and then start afresh. All worthy contenders for top 10 restaurants this year too.


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