Duchess of Spotswood

87 Hudsons Rd
Spotswood, 3015
03 9391 6016

After reading many a glowing review about this café, and repeated temptations from west-siders, I finally motivated myself off the couch to trek right across town, over the West Gate and finally turn off at Spotswood to meet Thanh for breakfast. Actually the only time I’d taken this exit was for the Science Museum back when I was in Primary school, such are old times.

Nestled on a remarkably quiet street, the white washed exterior makes the colourful sky blue murals (in place of windows) stand out like strokes drawn from English fairy tales. Shades of pastel green, a dangling chandelier from the ceiling and simple cosy chairs and wooden fittings give this place a spark of old English sophistication – the kind of place one should have a cup of tea (*ahem or coffee I suppose).

Coffee, latte & cappuccino – Lovely fragrance and beautiful latte art.

Have a quick peruse of the menu – aren’t the names all so quirky and intriguing!

Duchess of pork – The juicy slab of crispy pig’s jowel was just incredibly juicy, fall apart tender with the mildest hint of smokiness! Bursting the yolk of the fried egg into the truffle sauce made for a richly divine sourdough condiment – I mopped every drop of it up! P.S. this is one of the mystery items from my short intermission.

Pig jowel – is generally a fatty cut of meat along the side of the head, aka like the cheeks of a fish but much bigger. It is generally used for sausages given its high fat contents, or smoked / cured.

Idle tongues – several humble looking ox tongues stacked to the side of the plate were by no means meagre. The texture was again melt in your mouth, absolutely nothing like I had imagined for a lean piece of muscle. It was such a pity to break open the crispy golden shell, letting free the fragrant duck yolk onto the silky semolina and lovely wild mushrooms. The sauce beneath it all gave a nice savoury element, with a subtle component of gravy goodness. Absolutely loved it!

Stout and chocolate cake – Not knowing what stout was, i ordered this cake to satisfy my stomach. The chocolate and stout gave the slightly dry-ish cake a sour-bitter intensity. I’ve never had it before, but I found I needed all the cream we got and concluded that this was probably not our cup of tea. But, only a small setback.

Rating: Yummy+1 and maybe a 0.5 as well. It was infinitely delicious, a bit rustic and oh so indulgent at the same time. Please move next door to me, or at least OPEN another branch on the east side!!! We desperately need some elegant English breakfast locations on the East side.

Thanh complained it was quite a heavy breakfast, and I nodded and smiled in response. An hour later, after already stopping at Luxbite for some dessert, I was already pining for more food… such is that of Almost Always Ravenous.

See also: Luxbite, St Ali, Hardware Societe, APTE, Porgie & Mr Jones.

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6 Responses to “Duchess of Spotswood”
  1. Thanh says:

    It was indeed a great breakfast, and I bow to your levels of eating. Can’t believe you went to lunch afterwards as well.

  2. msihua says:

    Hahaha… that title is funny! I LOVE THIS PLACE! I can’t believe you two had space for cake and LUXBITE!!

  3. thanh – yup i sure did =)

    msihua – what title? oh right, it is actually the name of the cafe =P.

  4. I’ve also heard glowing reviews about this place. I’ve just been too lazy to get myself over there!

  5. Stout is like beer. Guinness Stout!

  6. leaf – haha, much like me until i finally went. now to return AGAIN!!!!

    michelle – yupz, i now know that LOL.

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