Three Bags Full

60 Nicholson St
Abbotsford, 3067
03 9421 2732

Generally it is known that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. So it should be not a surprise that I have gone on quite the breakfast splurge lately. But, when breakfast is the last meal of your day, is it still the most important? So then technically breakfast is really dinner, and well dinner is breakfast. Anyways I was contemplating this because, I was meeting Ms BL for breakfast, whom ‘was’ doing night shifts at the time. Last meal of the day for her, and first meal for me – well, in truth it was my second breakfast already =P. P.S. reminder to self: if you are going to have breakfast midweek, then have it late-ish, so as to avoid the morning traffic, grrr!

After perusing some posts about this brunch spot, I was extremely happy to hear that this is one of Sarah Foletta and Nathan Toleman’s new offspring. These are the same two who brought to us the original APTE in Alphington, though way before I visited unfortunately. The menu is extensive, with new items added to the specials board frequently. The décor is very much in line with recent trends to converted industrial look, with soft lighting adornments alongside a soft chatter that gives this place a relaxing brunch vibe.

Again apologies for the slowness of my posting, this is almost a few weeks behind schedule, so hopefully the specials menu hasn’t changed too much since then.

Orange juice & pineapple/strawberry/apple/mint juice – freshly squeezed and absolutely thirst quenching. We didn’t have any coffee but it is apparently pretty good, as is the chai latte.

Big Breakfast – Ms BL’s choice was a juicy throw together of crispy bacon, fluffy scrambled eggs, a cheesy kransky sausage, spinach, sweet sweet mushrooms, some herbaceous tomatoes and a delightful tomato relish. Delicious no doubt, but I always find ‘big breakfast’ somewhat too heavy for my liking. When one has already had first breakfast, ordered a dish of my own, and has to eat half of a big breakfast – it is clearly too much food for one sitting! Almost Always Ravenous got KO’d.

Sticky black gingerbread – Two thick slices of homemade ginger bread is dense, buttery with trace heat of ginger spices. The fragrantly soft sweetness of poached rhubarb and brittle shards of golden honeycomb give the aromatic heat of ginger a little bit of sweet acidity. A thick lashing of marscapone makes this sweet stack even more indulgently addictive.

Rating: Yummy, maybe +1? Definitely a brunch place worth keeping on the radar! The staff are great – very accommodating with our indecisiveness, and coffee cancellations (Ms BL was due to sleep in a few hours time).

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Taken on the way out… Notice anything peculiar?

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10 Responses to “Three Bags Full”
  1. Ashley says:

    Phowarrrrr that sticky black gingerbread looks SO AMAZING. Wishing I wasn’t gluten intolerant right now. It’s like, dessert for breakfast. So amazing! Been meaning to go back here but alas…no time…and so many options. :s

  2. I metlink-ed this place and it will take me an hour to get here. can die!

  3. Hannah says:

    *fist pump!* You ordered EXACTLY what I was hoping to see! Hurrah for delicious, delicious sweet breakfasts! If somewhere in Canberra offered ginger bread like that, I might consider waking up more then 45 mintues before I’m due at work…

  4. msihua says:

    I usually skip breakfast.. and only get to eat these “big” breakfasts on weekends.. so this is looking good on my list of to-eats 🙂

  5. Ed says:

    The trouble is Three Bags Full is always so busy especially at weekends. I’ve sometimes resorted to phoning a takeaway order to sidestep the queue.

  6. Still haven’t been here!! I’ve heard good things about their pork sanga but have stayed away to due to the damn queues

  7. msihua – at least u can use the excuse that morning indulgence is better than dinner indulgence

    ed – hahaha, most “good” places are busy on w/e’s. so just have to rock up eaarly =P

    adrian – pork sanga???? oooooo

  8. Sticky black gingerbread – are you kidding me??? Oh goodness I NEED to go here.
    Heidi xo

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