Café Vue – Heide & Melb airport

This in all truth is a bit of an odd post. Firstly there are two parts to the post, and they were not on the same day. Secondly, whilst they are affiliated with each other, one was disappointingly boring, whilst the other is indulgently delicious but painfully so. So, let me tell you why…

Café Vue at Heide
Museum Of Modern Art
7 Templestowe Rd, Bulleen, 3105
03 9852 2346

I have mentioned our little share of Vue in Bulleen before, where I had the Vue lunch box – fantastic no less. I won’t fuss on over the lovely rolling green hillsides dotted with the abstracts of modern art.

Inside the very square-box of a café, we were greeted fairly politely informing us that the kitchen is closed, but the sweet items on display were still available. I am somewhat let down, as only 10 minutes ago I rung up to inquire re a table for lunch, and at which time they failed to warn me so.

Bottom Left – Pistachio sponge; Bottom Right – Berry sponge. Both sponges were identical in a soft fluffy texture, but contained a rather artificial flavouring and excessively sweet cream centre that actually made it difficult to finish despite the hunger. The macaron atop the pistachio sponge did not win any points back either.

Being mindful this is not their draw card here, I will refrain from making a rating just yet. I think it may have to be third time lucky for me to try their menu du jour.


Café Vue – Tullarmarine
Melbourne International Airport (T2)
Tullarmarine, 3045
03 9310 5091

This is officially the last meal on Melbourne turf before I jet set off to China!

Having had breakfast already, I being nearly always hungry was feeling peckish so couldn’t pass up trying something at Vue Café given the fairly positive reviews. Despite the somewhat sleek diner look with seating booths included, it incorporates a sort of surreal quality with glimmering mirrors, suede dark panelling and floating celestial lights, which is rather fitting for an airport café is it not?

Cappuccino and mocha – having coffee before a morning flight seems rather counterintuitive for getting some rest, but nevertheless I found the velvety brew of the mocha had delicious dark chocolate flavours with the slightest hint of couverture acidity.

As for a bit of nibbles, we (by we I actually mean I) decided on the Caramelised brioche. A thick golden slice of brioche pan fried in butter to a croissant-crumbly-crisp was unquestioningly a gluttonous start to my holiday. The acidic juiciness of the soft poached pear was rightly needed to counteract the decadence, whereas the maple syrup was a little redundant. I definitely would not have complained if there had been two or even three wedges of that lovely pear… mmm!

Rating: based on one brioche and two coffees I’d say it could potentially be Yummy+1 for the decadence. Whilst the kitchen churns out delicious food, I must deject and say the service was incredibly slow and clumsy – it’s as though they’ve been working for the last 48 hours non stop.

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4 Responses to “Café Vue – Heide & Melb airport”
  1. i wanna go overseas so i can see this cafe vue! … oh and for the sheer fact that i want to go overseas!!!

  2. msihua says:

    I did find this place a bit of a hit and miss really.. first time was fantabulous and the second was a huge let down (Airport I mean) 🙂

  3. Maybe they did work 48 hours non stop…

  4. shellie – who doesn’t =P.

    msihua – seems like all the vue cafe’s are rather hit and miss.

    michelle – yeh i highly doubt it. =P

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