Parisian Patisserie – number 2

19 Keilor Road

After such a delightful experience last time, aside not being able to try everything, I have been eager to go again for quite some time!!! (see: previous post). So, on my way back from Bendigo (well it was sort of on the way, maybe a slight detour), I had to indulge my craving and stopped by Parisian Patisserie to pick up some “supplies” for afternoon tea. I was ready (quite excited in fact) to gorge myself with some more of those awesome almond croissants & also try some of their other delish pastries/cakes on offer – particular the lemon tart that Neil recommended from last time.

Almond Croissant (Croissants d’amande) – last time there was a deficit of “visible” sliced almonds on top, but this time I was much happier with their presence (not that I wasn’t already happy last time). No less enjoyable was the fluffy buttery goodness with each bite!

Almond Croissant

Chocolate Croissant (Pain au Chocolate) – again a lovely brioche-based pastry, but only this time filled with bitter-sweet couverture chocolate. Not as sweet or guiltily decadent as the other pastries but does offer a bitter (almost refreshing) contrast.

Pain au chocolate

Pain au chocolate

Given one can only eat so much in one session, Petit Fours (cute mini versions of four different desserts) was an excellent choice to sample a few more of Neil’s lovely creations.

Lemon tart (Tarte au Citron) – initial burst of lemon’y sourness (elicits a little cringe from the not so sour-tolerant me) that peters off to a taste-bud invigorating sweet and tart aroma (yum~!), with a perfect buttery crust. Not sure why this particular tart has a slightly browner/crisper crust than the other tarts. Wonder if it adds a slight bitterness to help contrast the tart? Can anyone tell me???.

Lemon Tart

Strawberry tart (Tarte au Fraise) – very, very fresh strawberries, gooey cream filling and a light crispy crust, YUMMY! And as you may have noticed, it is covered in a lot of ‘snow sugar’ (not that I’m complaining, but I think they might have been too excited shaking it over – obstructs the vibrant red of the strawberries coming through).

Strawberry tart

Custard profiterol – A thin crisp choux pastry (which bounced back after you squish it) was filled with a beautifully silky smooth custard, that was so light and indulgent in the mouth but not so rich you couldn’t have anymore. I could have had at least half a dozen more!

Custard profiterol

Chocolate profiterol – essentially a custard profiterol with couverture chocolate. It might as well have been filled with the lovely chocolate given it overwhelms the subtlety of the custard inside. Unless of course you bite the top and the bottom separately… which I did end up doing =P).

Chocolate profiterol

They also have quite an extensive list of French cakes and desserts made to order, including the Croquembouche and a chocolate truffle cake! ooo

Rating: Yummy +1 overall; +2 for the irresistible almond croissant, I can’t have enough!!

Taiwan A-li-shan oolong tea

Clearly I needed some good tea to help with all this decadence~ =)

Couverture chocolate: High quality chocolate with a higher percentage of cocoa butter (instead of vegetable oil, trans fats (bad bad bad), coconut / palm oil or even artificial chocolate flavouring). More cocoa butter = more shiny, better tempering (ooo a nice ‘snap’ when you break it), and more creamy.

Petit fours (French: small oven): generally refers to sweets / desserts offered at the end of a meal. Note: contrary to ‘four’ it doesn’t signify ‘4’.

Fraise (French: strawberry).

Snow sugar: Most creations baked at Parisian are sprinkled with a special sugar (not icing sugar), but a special “snow sugar” which does not melt and disappear into the pastry. Perfect!!!

Choux pastry: is a very light pastry that is generally filled with cream or custard.

Brioche: a form of french bread rich in butter and egg, with a flaky crust and tender crumb.

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14 Responses to “Parisian Patisserie – number 2”
  1. Jenny says:

    My favorite must have been the strawberry tart! It was mouthfuls of creamy, light goodness. HEAVENNNNNNNN
    haha and how typical of you to drink tea after an indulgent snack.
    Tim Tams and tea much?

  2. awww man!! Wish I had some!!!

  3. Chyn says:

    the oolong tea + french pastry combo is so odd! lol

  4. Thanh says:

    Can’t believe you didn’t bring me some. The shell may be darker on purpose or it may be burnt?

  5. Awwwwe take me back to France, please! I should visit this spot asap, I keep hearing such great things. That pain au chocolat….it looks incredible!!
    Heidi xo

  6. Oh my!! French patisserue! I love this place.

  7. Heidi – envious, i want to go to FRANCE!!! And don’t expect TOO highly with your “france” expectations haha.
    Elli – yah, if only I lived closer, I might go every week !!

  8. It must be really troublesome for you to come up all the way to the north!

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