Café Vue at Heide

Heide Museum of Modern Art
7 Templestowe Rd
Bulleen, 3105
03 9852 2346

In continuation of my previous post, hopefully I haven’t kept everyone in too long a suspension.



It was exactly midday (well maybe 5 minutes past midday…but who was counting), and there was already an epic 8 groups before us on the waiting list on top of the reservations. Darn it! I was already all primed for eating from their menu du jour (two courses for $35 or three courses for $45). Next time better make reservations. The waitress was then kind enough to direct us towards their takeaway menu and explained the contents of the popular lunch box.

The Lunch box ($15) came in quite an elegant red-white cardboard lunch-box. Although it is advertised as their take away menu, I was still a ‘little’ shocked when they pulled it out very much pre-prepared and stored in the fridge. Anyways, so we whisked the box (and a latte of course) away to have an alfresco lunch in the Heide gardens – enjoy the scenic sculptures and maybe get a bit of vitamin D.


Baba Ganoush & Potato Crisps – cute tub of thick creamy eggplant appetiser, which had similarities to mayonnaise both in texture and flavour (a tasty gourmet one of course), with the slightest sprinkle of spices & garlic. At first my sister (not knowing it was meant to be eaten with the chips) asked for a spoon, and I obliviously obliged. After the first mouthful, I came to my senses to suggest her to dip it with the chips…ooops, better late than never. Held in a small French fries bag, the paper-thin golden chips were almost transparent and glistened gloriously under the midday sun. They were crispy, buttery and slightly browned on some of the edges giving that slight tasty bitter-sweetness, and were a perfect medium to dip with. I think the baba ganoush could’ve done with a lot more potato chips to eat with. We ended up only using about half the tub. =(

Chicken brioche roll – By the looks of it, it sure didn’t look like a roll to me, surely it’s a burger right? (Note: contrary to ‘my’ belief, rolls are generally small and round. I always thought they were long. Silly me!) The sound of a brioche roll had me salivating over evoked thoughts of fluffy, butter good’ness. It was decent, but probably slightly over rested in the fridge, causing it to dry out a tad. But OooOoo the thick layer of chicken filling in between sure was a winner. The chicken was tender and shredded quite finely (I almost mistook it for tune, had my sister not pointed out it was chicken; *cough* and it was also written out clearly on the board and the inside of the lunch box. Clearly I was too converged on eating / enjoying the juicy flavours to actually realise it was chicken. The mayonnaise and mustard mix really bound together the chicken filling, providing a lot of succulent creaminess, and a hint of oaky spice.

Next up was the Tuna & sweet corn risoni – (‘a form of pasta, in the shape of a large grain of rice, slightly smaller than a pine nut’) – which had a tangy-sour lemon flavour to it with a pinch of sweetness from the corn. The scant tuna though disappeared within the palate, providing little to the texture or flavouring in each mouthful of risoni. Overall the flavours were probably muted by the refrigeration, but regardless it really lacked that WoW factor to it.

Lemon meringue – came in three layers: slightly browned meringue, lemon curd/custard and a buttery crumb base. It was quite pleasant on the tastebuds, being well balanced between the tart, sweet and buttery elements. The crumb base was akin to a ‘crumbled’ short bread pastry with a little chewiness and crunch. Note though the lemon layer didn’t have that initial sour hit that I was half-expecting (cf Parisian patisserie’s lemon tart).

Latte – had a bitter-sweet roasted aroma, quite strong but I liked it.

Rating: Yummy+1 (some awesome flavours when they did it right; will definitely be back to try their menu du jour)

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7 Responses to “Café Vue at Heide”
  1. Jenny says:

    DISLIKE = “At first my sister (not knowing it was meant to be eaten with the chips) asked for a spoon, and I obliviously obliged. After the first mouthful, I came to my senses to suggest her to dip it with the chips…ooops, better late than never.”

  2. I’ve always wanted to try a lunch box by them. I’ve never had a “vue” exeperience. Hopefully soon!

    • Although that’s like me and a LOT of places =). And then by the time I go… sometimes the owner’s have changed, or the quality has dropped off …or something crappy like that. oooo which reminds me i want to visit the lake house!!!

  3. Michelle says:

    Despite going to cafe vue almost 10 times, having the lunch box was not on my mind,,,

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