Parisian Patisserie

19 Keilor Road

Was invited to indulge my senses here by my cousin Thanh:  


Croissants d’amande (almond) – slightly crispy shell with a divine light texture (a little different from your average flaky croissant, err-ing slightly on cake-like; just enough to keep the almonds from sagging like a biscuit), subtle aromas of unsalted butter, and my beloved custard filling… ah heaven!!

Brioches d’abricot et d’amande (apricot brioche) – almost an airy bouyancy about it (heaps of butter + eggs) with a little apricot tart’ness – one bite after the next, just can’t help myself.

Brioche savoury pizza – a savoury brioche, to my surprise a delight on the tastebuds. The base had the texture of a fluffy cake, contrasted by flavours of savoury pesto + Prosciutto.  

Macarons – lemon, pistachio, rose water, hazelnut – fantastic flavours, slightly chewy with a crunchy shell.They also make a good latte. Was a pleasure speaking with Neil, his wife & daughter, incredibly welcoming, telling us stories from the past, showing us the kitchen (such a small kitchen for such nice food), sharing some of Neil’s principles in his pastries & cakes.

 Food rating: 17.5/20 will be back for more!! =)

 Here are some more delicious posts on subsequent visits – I simply can’t have enough: visit 2, visit 3. (P.S. visit 3 was the biggest pigout =))
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15 Responses to “Parisian Patisserie”
  1. Thanh says:

    I want to go back for more almond croissants. Lets pick a day and go.

  2. Min says:

    Finally made it there last weekend! bit overrated, i reckon.Better places to eat close by.

    ALmond croissants were good though, but i think that’s just cos they don’t use almond essence likemost places do which i absolutely detest.

    apart from that.. also had the apricot brioche, egg and prosciutto brioche, pecan and macadamia tart and a rosewater, lemon and blackberry macaron. All were better than average, but nothing spectacular. I’d rather go to monsieur truffe’s for my croissant and macaron fix, babka for THEIR pecan tart ( and heck.. every other cake/tart there too) and babka or denches for the rest of their pastries 😀 .

    • well they are different to your average croissants though, so prob hard to compare in first place. and gee you tried a hell of a LOT! haha.
      havent been to monsieur truffe’s, but my impression was their’s was the more conventional flaky version?
      well looks like i have more places to try!!! =) thanks for the suggestions.

      • Min says:

        yea, tibale’s is the more traditional french style. beaaautifully flaky, doesn’t go soft like most places even after a day……….

        and yes.. 😀 time to try more places!!!

      • yummY! i don’t think i can have enough of pastries, haha.

      • Min says:

        lol.. me neither……….. love pastries!! 😀 mmhs.. strangely, none of my comments on your other posts like hutong or balgownie turned up. oh well.. nvm…

      • really ? when did you post them? it didn’t come up on my comments feed… i’ll go check. but u can post again, i’d be forever grateful =) LOLz.

      • Min says:

        lol.. nvm lar.. lazy. busywatching junior master chef, and heck , i’m so hungry agAIN after dinner supper AND snacks that i think i still wanna make chocolate pudding for a midnight snack! 😛

      • isnt it finished already??? or did i leave the house before it finished… @_@
        oooo chocolate pudding, yummy! hope your using LINDT chocolate or similar, it makes a huge difference! mmmm just thinking about the chocolate souffle, flourless choclate cake, choc pannacotta…that i made a while back with LINDT choc!!! yumY

      • Min says:

        oh .. didn’t catch the real episodes, so watching online. those kids are amazing!

        and no, not using lindt…. lol… using combo of cacau barry’s venezuala 72% and an inca cocoa. even better than lindt.. 😀

      • well ur splurging on choc now aren’t you =P. take some pics and share !!! =)

      • Min says:

        er.. lol.. splurgign on choc is a regular thing for me, i’m afraid… 😛 and addicted to bailey’s too.. lol… can never get enough of them….

        and can’t take photos, i’m afraid… sis went on holidays and took the camera with her. u’ll just have to use ur imagination.. besides.. nothing special i’m making………

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