Breakfast at Cumulus Inc

45 Flinders Ln
Melbourne, 3000
03 9650 1445

Ever since coming to Cumulus Inc for dinner with my sister, I have been craving to come back not only to try the lamb shoulder and to have a few more of those lovely madeleines, but I’ve also been wanting to try their breakfast menu. It was an early Wednesday (or Thursday, I can’t be entirely sure) morning when I impulsively decided I wanted some breakfast from Cumulus Inc. To my own surprise, this is my second consecutive occasion for having breakfast on my own during a weekday when everyone else is busy working – a sad but oddly satisfying reality.

I won’t trundle on about the décor, but if you do want to read what I wrote previously about the simplistic-sleek or about the mouth watering dinner service, then see here before reading on.

Fresh juice – quite literally squeezed upon order.

Orange juice (left). My breakfast eggs (right).

Shakshouka – a hot pan of gooey baked eggs in a thick tomato broth with roasted peppers and marinated Persian feta. A bit of creamy richness, a mix of tart and sweet, a bit of gooey yolk slathered across a buttery toast – a satisfying balance with each bite.

Mmm, butter + toast!

Lemon curd madeleines – Having being seated on the bar side this time, I did not have the pleasure of seeing these golden beauties being piped with lemon curd. Though they were on the browner side, they were certainly piping hot, and as fluffy and buttery as I last remembered them. The sourness of the lemon curd may raise an eyebrow or two, but works perfectly with the madeleines. I had two of them this time.

Just look at the ooze. Quick lick it up before it gets cold.

Rating: Yummy+1 for the breakfast menu. It is certainly not an easy feat to have me craving to return to any particular eatery, but this place does on a multitude of levels.

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6 Responses to “Breakfast at Cumulus Inc”
  1. They have a diff. menu now!

  2. Fatbooo says:

    My colleague has mentioned the divine madeleines too! I really need to arrange a visit soon. Would you suggest breakfast, lunch or dinner there?

    I’m also impressed you’ve been going to brunch places alone. I’ve tried that twice… I’d much prefer company. (can’t seem to have thw guts to take pics when I’m alone, lol)

  3. Ashley says:

    Oh, so wanted to go on Saturday before we went to the Melbourne Open House, as I’ve never had breakfast there… But we got into the city quite late and I wasn’t sure if they’d still be doing breakfast…looks so good!

  4. msihua says:

    Oh I so want to dine here for breakfast, but by the time I wake up, it’s time to get ready for work! BooO!

  5. michelle – different menu??? ooo time to go again

    fatboo – HAHA, only twice so far. i think i still prefer company.

    msihua – well you better start getting up earlier to make the most of melbourne brunch places =P

  6. forque says:

    Yum! Want to go back, this is my favourite breakfast spot in Melbourne, just above The European. Best baked eggs!

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