Axil Coffee Roasters

322 Burwood Road
Hawthorn, 3122
03 9819 0091

This is probably the 2nd of a series (1st of which was Auction Rooms) of probably more than 5 brunch joints I’ve visited in the last month or so. So get ready for a serious overload on BREAKFAST!

Just a short walk away from the bustle of Glenferrie road, the black and white banner stands out like a sore thumb, but in a classy sort of way.

Soft light from the dangling lanterns and industrial bins used to diffuse light, hang from a hard metallic roof. The dining area is partitioned from the working line of coffee machines by a vertical wall of pot plants. Although a part of me is niggling with boredom at how pervasive the hard but sleek industrial look in Melbourne cafés has become. But another side of me continues to be inspired by the creativity in the small details that brings out the character of a space.

Being my first ever breakfast experience dining on my own – on the humungous communal table at the rear – I was guilty of attempting to read through the newspaper but kept peering over the edges to see what everyone else was doing and eating. Despite there being numerous lone-diners happily having their mid morning breakfast, there was an air of awkwardness that I couldn’t escape from. I don’t think I’m cut out for lone-dining.

Latte – little stronger than my usual brew, with quite a dark chocolate note, a great morning wake up call.

The buttermilk pancakes were light with the slightest acidity from the buttermilk, topped with wedges of pear and a scoop of Zabaglione icecream. The plate is lined with a moreish dark chocolate and honey that I just couldn’t help but wipe clean.

Ok, so I should probably have tried their steak sandwich, or maybe their baked eggs as well. But I was craving for some pancakes, any sort of pancakes for that matter! Though thinking back, it was a lot of sugar for a morning.

And just before I left the premises, I was offered a taste test of a test-run on the current syphon coffee (the name of which escapes me). I haven’t had many syphons in my time, but it was quite light boded and err’d on being dilute. But a test-run is a test-run I suppose.

Rating: Yummy. Good coffee, nice environment and very approachable baristas. The service was a little patchy, but got there in the end.

Someone probably needs to convince me to drive down there to try their steak sandwich, so I can revise my rating here… =)

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4 Responses to “Axil Coffee Roasters”
  1. Ashley says:

    Oooh, them pancakes look good. I’ve been meaning to try their desserts but just was too full last time I went to have them! And Brad can vouch for their baked eggs, he’s had them several times there now!

    If you need an eating buddy for Axil, almost anytime, I live just 5-10mins away and work from home…. 😉

  2. Keely aka The Richest Girl in Bondi says:

    Gotta say I’m not the best lone diner either. I’m always very ‘aware’ when on my own .. of what I’m doing .. what everyone else is doing – it’s hard work. And definitely can’t blame you for not going past those pancakes ..

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