Brasserie Bread Melbourne – launch @ South Melbourne

In true chaotic form, I will fast forward ‘many-a’ post to write about this newly opened brasserie on the back streets of South Melbourne. My intention would have been to revisit the newly launched café section, to give a more comprehensive perspective, but this post can wait no longer.

From the unassuming exterior of this factory converted bakery / café, you step into a space of olfactory heaven. As a child, the waft of a bakery is one that I could never resist – it is absolutely addictive and intoxicating. The one wafting here definitely receives a tick!

This First Bake launch of Tony Papas and Michael Klausen’s brainchild gave us a glimpse at what we’ll expect to see at the fully-opened bakery-and-cafe. They brought their 16 year old sourdough organic starter southward from our north-side cousin Sydney. For those who haven’t a clue about organic starter (me included before this event), it is a culture of wild yeast and lactobacilli that is maintained over time, and used for leavening (i.e. the rise that happens in bread). It is Brasserie Bread’s philosophy that there are no short-cuts to making great bread that keeps them at it with the traditions of artisan baking.

Checking out the sourdough bread in the making.

A little wine and chatter before we begin?

Bring on the food I say!

I am sure I missed a few items here and there, especially amongst the chaotic struggle with trying to juggle my massive camera, a glass of wine and also gobbling food. There are a few lovely locally sourced products from around the state (such as Yarra Valley dairy, The Jammery and Gundowring icecream) to spice up the night, but really the star attraction would be the bread itself.

The sourdough was how it is meant to be, crusty, fluffy and slightly acidic. The banana bread was absolutely divine with a smear of Rhubarb and raspberry. Not to mention some small bites that would appear on the café menu – caramelised garlic and onion bread, Croque Monsieur (pictured earlier).

Having stuffed our faces (typical of bloggers, or at least of me), I was nearing full. There is however, always a little space for sweets. Having eyed the trays upon trays of shiny desserts, I was eager get my hands on some.

Here they come.

Coconut cupcakes with blueberry; chocolate ganache tarts; chocolate brownies – all made on the premises, apart from the Gundowring Ice Cream of course. I absolutely adored the chocolate ganache tarts – rich and melt in your mouth delicious. I had to give my thoughts of having a second taste, but struggled to rationalise it with my painfully full stomach.

Making the most of our inside-out view, before this area becomes off limits to diners.

A take home sample of the first bake. Yumm!

Rating: likely Yummy+1, but stay tuned for when I visit the café for a proper assessment!

For all those photos that I missed (or blurry), please see MsIHua for some visual compensation.  =)

[Brasserie Bread Melbourne]  
Where: 150 Thistlethwaite St, South Melbourne VIC 3205
Phone: 1300 966 845
Note: Super children friendly – every Saturday they run FREE kids baking classes.

You may also like other bakeries: Dench Bakers, Noisette, Parisian patisserie.

[Disclaimer: all food and wine courtesy of Brasserie Bread Melbourne]

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2 Responses to “Brasserie Bread Melbourne – launch @ South Melbourne”
  1. msihua says:

    Ahhh that chocolate tart… Mmm.. those breads!! Waaaaaaaaa I can’t eat them anymore 😦

  2. Hannah says:

    Oooh, that starter is two-thirds as old as me! This excites me in a way that doesn’t quite make sense.

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