Dench Bakers – best bread in Melbourne?

109 Scotchmer St
Fitzroy North, 3068
03 9486 3554

On the way back from the city after a mid morning appointment, I deliberately planned in a small detour up Brunswick street to have a quick lunch at a bakery.

This Brunswick institution has been raved for several years now as one of the best organic flour breads in Melbourne. With its increasing popularity, it has expanded its wholesale wing, providing more cafes and restaurants with quality breads. But this has also meant that the production line has moved offsite. There is always a little hesitation when things go BIG, and quality drops… We shall see.

This place accepts cash only! so BEWARE!

The space is essentially a white palette with shimmering glass displays of pastries, cakes and lunch sandwiches. The rear wall holds stacks of beautiful bread ranging from sourdoughs, to ciabatta, various grains and rye, house white, fruit and nuts, and the list goes on… I would bring home a trunk full of bread if it weren’t for the fact that bread is best savoured fresh.

Anyways so enough chit chat… you must be getting hungry!

Egg Panini – This is arguably the best bread in Melbourne, with a golden crust that is a little crisp and a little chewy, an off-white heart of bouncy crumb (aka the inner part) and an uplifting aroma of fresh yeasty bread that is absolutely delightful! A creamy egg, parmesan and generous greens of rocket and parsley are a perfect complement.

Pear + pistachio Tart – amazing to look at, but somewhat underwhelming. The pear had a nice sweet acidity layered with a glossy layer of sugar, a very subtle pistachio cream beneath, and a crumbly short tart. Ok, I’m quite particular with my pastries having minimal glossiness, and may have liked it more without.

And to take home…

Almond croissant – A light, flaky crispy layered and very much traditional croissant with a lovely aroma of almond and the slightest hint of caramelised sugar. Amongst the ranks of traditional croissants these would be one the best I’ve had in Melbourne. Side note: though it ceases to amaze me how I can’t help but be biased towards the more buttery, cake-denser and intense almond aromas of the not so conventional almond croissants of Parisian.

Rating: bread that is certainly Yummy +1. If they did deliveries, this would be my sole source of bread!

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9 Responses to “Dench Bakers – best bread in Melbourne?”
  1. too much glaze for the tart… eep!

  2. msihua says:

    So you prefer the almond croissant from Parissiene? I need to make a date to get there!! Been wanting to go for ages, but it’s sooo far away 😦

  3. Wow, the best bread in Melbourne must be a hotly contested title indeed! 😮 It looks really delicious!

  4. Kathleen says:

    A friend works there as a barista – she gets free bread sometimes =)

  5. I heart Dench Bakers. I get my dose at Bread and Jam for Frances near my work.

  6. michelle – yeh not a big fan of glaze.

    msihua – i sure do prefer parisians!

    kathleen – free bread???? WAT???? who is this friend of urs LOL>?

    adrian + lorraine – mmm i want some bread now

  7. James says:

    D. Chirico Bread is better 🙂

  8. Mal says:

    Dench is our local and we LOVE them. Caramel salted Tarts are my fav. And the Honey Joys which channel the old school fete delicacies from our childhood with the addition of crumbled honey comb. French style caneles are my wife’s fav. BTW they do take EFTPOS/credit now so an update and edit is warranted 🙂

  9. nexus says:

    I adore Dench’s and for a while it was my fave bread until I discovered D.chirico.

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