Al’s Photography #1 – Spring upon Bendigo

Spring has started and much needed rainful has fallen, flowers are blooming, the grass is green… all i need is the right amount of blue & white in the sky! Not surprisingly with out recent weather, its been difficult to find the right weather conditions to take photos – a lot of gloomy wintry days and rain. Not particular a fan of getting wet in the rain and cold.

Anyways, here’s a few photos from around Bendigo, enjoy~!

A compass of Bendigo landmarks atop the Poppet head lookout tower in Rosalind Park, with panoramic views of the entire Bendigo city. Too bad the top platform was encircled by the darn safety fence!!!

Bendigo has quite a remarkable citiscape, exemplifying much historic architecture predominantly built in Victorian colonial style. The new Bendigo Bank (see below) whilst it is a great piece of modern artwork that would probably sit quite well in Melbourne’s already ‘evolving’ citiscape, but to local residents disbelief it seems rather like a fish out of water.

Chancery lane, like one of the many Melbourne-like alley-ways, is decorated with beautiful murals (not at all tainted by graffiti).

Sacred Heart Cathedral – one Australia’s largest, and second tallest after St Patrick’s Cathedral in Melbourne. By day it shines of grandeur, by night it gives off a haunted-castle tingling sensation.


Within the Cathedral – somehow gives me a “Da Vinci Code” feel.

Spring in full swing~!!

Bendigo Bank against a back-drop of looming rain clouds.

Famous Alexandra fountain at the centre of the cities major intersection. Interestingly, it was erected in 1881 using over 20 tonnes of Harcourt granite, decorated by dolphins, unicorns, nymphs and allegorical figures.

13 Responses to “Al’s Photography #1 – Spring upon Bendigo”
  1. Jenny says:

    the black and white photos turned out the best i rkn. esp the last one with the sun peeking through the clouds, and the castle looking building

  2. Jenny says:

    were these taken with my canon?

  3. Smita says:

    Wow that’s a really nice shot of the cathedral! What kind of camera did you use?

  4. Alice says:

    Looks good and your blog Is now officially bookmarked on my phone :))

  5. Thanh says:

    Oh hello, look who’s decided to do regular photography posts now. Wonder where you could have got that idea from haha.

    Love the boardwalk shot and the cathedral black and white and inside the cathedral. Good stuff.

  6. Katty-Kat says:

    I’m seeing some interesting photos here. I particularly like the one with the benches against the murals. There is a lot of mood in that picture and the composition works really well. I also like the flowers. Were those shot through a macro lens?
    Also, have you considered creating a flickr account for your photo work? That network has a giant image-making community and gives you lot of exposure. Lots of like-minded people, most of which are very nice and helpful.

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