Sumac – my graduation dinner

Tenancy 15, Shed 9 Central Pier
161 Harbour Esplanade
Docklands 3008
03 8623 9600

Being in the process of organisation for many months now, it is finally here – our graduation dinner! This will mark the end of 6 years of arduous studying, and symbolise the start of a new journey – hopefully one that is very fulfilling and rewarding.

Perched at the harbour edge on Central Pier, a once dilapidated cargo shed building, sumac’s exterior function area now provides sweeping views of the harbour and cityscape whilst we sipped on our ‘pre-dinner’ drinks – what a sure way to get ‘happy’ in the early evening. After some delectable canapés, we were shuffled into our function hall inside. The internal décor is one of dark-moody ambience, with metallic latticework and Moroccan hanging lamps that cling to sky-high ceilings. The rich blushes of colour draw inspiration from the Sumac’s menus which are gently spiced with Middle Eastern and Moroccan flavours.

Note: given this isn’t a restaurant per se; this review won’t have my usual lengthy critique, rather a photo gallery with my overall impression at the end.


Fattoush salad with sumac dusted chicken breast – tender meat with ‘subtle’ hints of spice.

Vegetarian alternative – can someone fill me in what this was? lasagna?

Main course

Seared chicken breast on herb crushed potatoes with jus gras – juicy, succulent breast of chicken.

Daube of beef with fondant potato, rich jus and crispy winter vegetable salad – well braised beef that easily fell apart on the palate.

The main were served with sides of Fresh garden sald balsamic vinaigrette, & Seasonal steamed vegetables (broccoli and pine nuts).


Lemon tart served with orange sauce, double cream and candied lemon – refreshingly tart.

Vegetarian alternative (i think) – again can someone fill me in on this one? sorbet?

Coffee and little delights  – slightly bitter, but nice creamy-smoothness.

Rating: Yummy – decent bistro-style food. Personally, the Moroccan influence is too subtle and a little questionable for me. My overall impression was quite positive with meats being cooked nicely retaining its succulence and juice, seasoning was flavoursome (although at times a tad salty) and service was fairly efficient despite the obstacles – all of us congregating in huge groups to take photos sure formed huge barricades. No doubt pretty reasonable quality control given it is a mass production line for 100+ people, and is arguably one of the better catered events I have attended.

A lot of time and effort has gone into the organisation of this lovely event, so many many thanks to the Graduation Dinner committee for all the hard work!

[A few of the ‘decor’ photos above, have been taken from the sumac website as an alternative to posting all the attendees faces all over my blog =P]

14 Responses to “Sumac – my graduation dinner”
  1. Foodie's Plus One says:

    The decorations look fabulous, le bon travail!

    Can’t believe ya ordered coffee at night, looks delicious anywayz.

    My favourite photo is the reflection in the wine glass.

    • coffee – well i think i needed it to head over to the afterparty LOLz, otherwise i would’ve just fallen asleep.
      Agreed about favourite photo – too bad i didn’t take anymore photos of the actual scenery… too busy taking ppl photos =).

  2. Do your friends know this food blogger side of you?

  3. Yay! Congrats again on graduating!

  4. Congratulations! And the food looks pretty good!

  5. Shellie & Leaf – thanks!!!

  6. Congratulations on graduating! Such a great feeling. What a fabulous (and delicious!) way to celebrate.
    Heidi xo

  7. Congratulations on Graduating!

    The food looks absolutely delicious, what better way to celebrate the end of 6 longs years of study 🙂

  8. Heidi & Susan – thanks really appreciate it! Its FINALLY over, well sort of for a while at least.

  9. Hi, just dropping by to say HI! And congratulations on graduating- well done! 😀

  10. Agnes says:

    Congrats on graduating! Well done – here’s to the next chapter of your life 🙂

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