Dining Asian in Melbourne roundup (part1) – Mr Huang Jin, ShanDong Mama, Fomo Thai

Living in Melbourne has never been such a privilege with such a rich culture in Asian cuisine, which in the past few years has expanded, shifted and matured exponentially from the early dingy takeaway interpretations to now having a vast array of niche ethnic flavours, with many beginning to push archaic preconceptions and contemporary boundaries.

In food blog terms, the places I have chosen for this post have been around for a while now. But with rapidly shifting trends and perpetual appearance of new venues, it has taken me far too long to step foot into these premises. I only wish I could have visited earlier…

Part 1 selection: Mr Huang Jin, Fomo Thai, Shandong Mama. P.S. All of these selected, score at least a Yummy+1 rating.

[Mr Huang Jin]
Where: ground floor Rialto tower, 525 Collins St, Melbourne CBD
Contact: 03 9077 7937
When: Mon – Fri (lunch & dinner); Sat dinner.

The locale is an unusual part of town for your token Taiwanese restaurant, but Mr Huang Jin seeks to fill the higher-end niche for Taiwanese street-food whilst remaining reasonably priced. I was lured in after Msihua’s raving review.

The gorgeous broth filled XLB (xiao long bao) selection rivals some of my favourite XLB’s in Melbourne – Hu Tong, Food Republik, and the newly opened New Shanghai.  Taiwanese fried chicken, hearty beef noodles and gua-bao (folded steamed buns) all hit the mark in authenticity and nostalgia, with an added touch of class. To finish off, leave some stomach volume for their red bean paste pancake which were golden, crispy and absolutely moreish.

[Shandong mama]
Where: Mid City Arcade (shop 7), 200 Bourke St, CBD Melbourne.
Contact: 03 9560 3818
When: Mon – Sat. Lunch and dinner.

Shandong Mama is one of those not so hidden treasures of Melbourne’s Chinatown district offering some of the best old-school renditions of Northern Chinese dumplings around. The steamed mackerel (fish) dumplings are almost table-silencing – succulent and gelatinous akin to well-beaten fish balls. I could have these every day of the week. As for the other items on the menu, they are reasonably tasty and on par with some of the nicer cheap-Chinese-eateries.

[Apologies, no photos available.]

[Fomo Thai]
Where: 171 Bourke St, Melbourne CBD
Contact: 03 9650 7987
When: Daily lunch and dinner.

Ensuing the Jinda Thai craze (which remains as busy as ever), Fomo Thai jumped on the band wagon with its catchy slogan (Fear Of Missing Out), feisty Thai street food and petite curries that pack in plenty of addictive punch and flavour – grilled pork neck and Thai fish cakes are a must! The chilli dipping sauce that comes with their bite sized BBQ items are to-die-for. Don’t forget to leave some room for Fomo Thai’s rotating selection of Thai desserts (pictured: black bean & coconut sweet soup).


>>> Stay tuned for part 2: Lee Ho Fook, Shizuku Ramen.


Mr Huang Jin on Urbanspoon

FOMO Thai on Urbanspoon

Shandong Mama on Urbanspoon

3 Responses to “Dining Asian in Melbourne roundup (part1) – Mr Huang Jin, ShanDong Mama, Fomo Thai”
  1. sixbones says:

    I’m moving to Melbourne next month, and I can’t wait to try out some of these spots!

  2. Great photography, I need to try all these places! 🙂

  3. Amazing delicacies. I am sure you must have enjoyed every Asian cuisine. Melbourne restaurants never disappoints anyone any variety of cuisine that is served.

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