Prix Fixe

As Melbourne’s first ticketed restaurant and with Melbourne’s dessert Queen Philippa Sibley (Ex: Albert street, Il Fornaio) at the helm, there was no doubt high anticipation leading to its over-the-top launch earlier this year. The prix fixe menu (fixed price set menu) changes each month with a focus on serving comfort food, with the current month titled: The Whole Hog (April).

Prix Fixe

Green eggs and ham.


OTT – over the top


This little piggy’s date


Tickled pink

Lovesick truffle pig

Rating: Yummy+1.

The opening number of chilled pea soup with egg sorbet went down almost too easily – creamy, textured and depth – if only there was more of it. The second number was presented in casual fashion, with a refreshing pairing of watermelon and San Danielle prosciutto, alongside an indulgently juicy and cartilaginous silk purse. The Western plain’s porchetta crackling that followed whilst served brittle was quickly softened by the celeriac puree becoming a chore on the jaw if you ate it too leisurely. The night finished off with the subtle (almost straightforward) flavours of vanilla, pair and chocolate – Tickled Pink.

There is no doubt each element, each dish at Prix Fixe was executed at a high level with a pared-back-comfort attitude, but I failed to appreciate the incredible flare and inspiration from the current menu (The Whole Hog) that I have come to expect from Philippa, particularly in the sweet department. Yet in saying that, next month’s menu with artichoke, mushroom, pheasant and a different dessert making an appearance, I would be lying if I said I wasn’t excited by this. So hang out for the Autumn menu.

[Prix Fixe]
Where: 90 Collins St, Melbourne CBD. (entrance from Alfred place)
When: dinner Mon-Sat. Lunch Wed-Sat.
Cost: dinner 4 set courses $79pp; lunch 2 course $49pp; wine match +$55pp. (this may vary depending on changing menu)
Bookings: online booking only.
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2 Responses to “Prix Fixe”
  1. Cafe says:

    Awesome blog 🙂

  2. Looks like it was worth the visit!

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