Kyoto, Japan (Eastern district)

It is the general rule that I am terribly slow at writing up my travel posts. They come at a snail’s pace and with vast gaps of time. But better late than never…

It is only now that a few friends are currently eating their way around Japan, I have been enviously and rather eagerly looking back through my own photos, maps and notes trying to remember the locations I went and *ahem* trying to put together a list of places to eat.

So here goes a quick visual voyage through the beautiful geisha red and snowy white palates amidst a wintery Kyoto… back from my 2012 Japan voyage.

Arriving by train. Grand – albeit jarring – modern entrance to a city steeped in tradition. Obviously must have a few snacks to keep one energised too.

Fushimi Inari Shrine. A seemingly endless cobblestone path of over 5000 orange torii gates winding through the hillside of southern Kyoto.

You really need to dedicate at least one whole day to slowly stroll along the cherry blossom (*ahem, only during Spring) lined Philosopher’s path of eastern Kyoto, taking in the serene beauty of the endless shrines and temples. Kiyomizu temple, Hokan Ji, Yasaka shrine, Chion in temple, Nanzen Ji, Gingaku Ji temple – were only a few of the countless architectural wonders around that I managed to visit. Pick the ones you want and put on your walking shoes. Making sure to stop on your way for snacks.

Note the random stone bound by rope and decorated in gold plates [bottom right photo] is actually a Love-Fortune-telling. You are supposed to try walk from this stone to the adjacent stone with your eyes closed. If you can successful reach the other side your wish will be granted.

Keep your eyes open! =)

East (17)

East (21)

Kiyomizu temple has the most amazing views. It is heavily crowded with tourists, but remains one of my favourite architectural expressions in Kyoto.

More snacks along the way.

Everywhere you walk, there is no shortage of photo opportunities. As the sunlight dims, things get even better.

East (49)

… stay tuned for further photographic reels from Kyoto – Western Kyoto, Central Kyoto and most importantly my highlight eats.

For now you can see my other Japan posts here, and more recent Vietnam posts here.

2 Responses to “Kyoto, Japan (Eastern district)”
  1. One of two ‘love stones’ in the temple, if you walk with your eyes closed from one to the other, it’s said you have good luck in love.

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