Postcards from Swiss Alps!

Switzerland is an incredibly picturesque country, with its beautiful towns,  mountainous terrain, lush vegetation and very deep blue skies. Everything ticks like clockwork, yet everything seems to inspire relaxation. I could really live here.

A quick pitstop at the lakeside city of Lucerne and a sip of coffee, before heading up to Engelberg – one of the many snow capped mountains part of the Swiss Alps.

lucerne1 lucerne1 (1) lucerne1 (2) lucerne1 (3) lucerne1 (4)

Now skyward to the high altitudes of Engelberg. The weather isn’t the best, but that is the view from my hotel window [below right]. Awesome right?

engelberg engelberg (1)

A new day comes with it fabulous blue skies and sunshine…

engelberg (2) engelberg (3) engelberg (4) engelberg (5)

Going on a scooter ride down the mountain anyone? The wind blowing in your face, the sun shining on your back, and the endless lush green and snowy-white all around – absolutely blissful.

engelberg (6) engelberg (7) engelberg (8)

Taking a stroll at the base of the mountain, and not getting lost hopefully.

engelberg (9) engelberg (10)

Back up Engelberg to enjoy the snow, the infinite views,  and actually warm up under the sun.

engelberg (11) engelberg (12) engelberg (13) engelberg (14)

No words are required to describe the sheer beauty. It is a landlocked gem.


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5 Responses to “Postcards from Swiss Alps!”
  1. CheezyK says:

    How fun is that scooter ride?! Such a gorgeous part of the world. I feel like I’ve taken a great big breath of fresh mountain air again just looking at your photos, thank you for sharing. Hope the fun continues 🙂

  2. Everything looks so lush and fresh. The scooter ride does sound incredibly blissful!

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