Huxtaburger – most popular burger in Melbourne?

If you are reading this, you are probably one of the few people who are yet to try the huxtaburger (*ahem, including me until very recently). There are already too many reviews drifting around in the blogosphere encouraging a spiralling hype. I will try and suppress my impatience and slightly piqued annoyance whilst I write the rest of this post…

Why so annoyed? The waiting is why. The waiting game is like going to a theme park where you think you are getting close to the end, but there is always another turn and bend to mislead you into optimism and hope. That is the way I felt as each wave of burgers were carefully assembled and whisked away.


This did leave me a lot of time to observe the inner workings of the kitchen here though. It is akin to a factory assembly line, each member churning out their part of the product. There is certainly good hygiene with bench tops wiped down almost constantly, great quality control with the overseeing chef making sure everything is almost exactly the same each time. There was a new person on the job it seemed, who was being drilled on how much toasting the buns required, when to flip the patties, how to place the patties on the bun and so on so forth.


Something to make me hungry whilst I wait – Bills Huxtaburger bacon, egg, pineapple & beetroot.


Now to the burger. The original Huxtaburger is equipped with a beef pattie; lashings of mustard, mayo and tomato sauce; single layers of tomato, cheese, lettuce and pickles; all sandwiched between a brioche bun. The bun is glossy, pillowy and crispened on the inside. The Moondarra Wagyu pattie is succulent, firm and very tasty. The sauce leaves you with a savoury kick with a little zing. These elements form the successful basic building blocks for all the other four add-on options on their small 5-option-menu.

Comparison note: For a similar price point, I personally do prefer the newer burger joint – just down the road – Rockwell and sons if only by a tiny margin. Their double smash burger has patties that are yet more succulent, sauce that is that little bit more complex, and the wait well there isn’t any wait (correct as of November). There probably will be a wait now, now that The Age has exposed its coverage, ironically published the same day as my own post.

Rating: Yummy+1. Sure this is a good burger, in fact a great burger. It is not as big as Grill’d, not as expensive as Rockpool, probably only second to Rockwell and Sons at this price range, and is definitely a huge upgrade from any local fast food chain.

Before all this hype had set in, it would have been a perfect place to grab a simple, tasty and quick bite to fill the stomach. Simple and tasty yes, but fast dining has long been waved goodbye. There are just too many customers for too few tables and the wait is too much torture. I suggest if you have not been before, to please do not come at peak hours. Even then still expect to join the procession of huxtaburger-obsessed hoards. Good luck!

Where: 106 Smith Street, Collingwood
Contact: you don’t need it.
Open: Tuesday – Sunday for lunch until late.

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One Response to “Huxtaburger – most popular burger in Melbourne?”
  1. Catherine says:

    I am yet to try Huxtaburger but the Rockwell and Sons double patty smash is just too good and only down the street. I can never go pass R&S!

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