It probably does not come as a surprise by any measure that a review on this restaurant was meant to be written way last year. But long story short, I simply never got around to it… sad yes.

At the beginning of this month, just before the Melbourne Cup races, I was kindly invited to try Komeyui’s Katsu Bento box, designed especially for people to takeout for the 2012 Spring races. So this comes somewhat overdue to market now given the races are over, but it has re-instilled the beautiful food memories from previous meals here. One of which was a great meal with a group of obnoxiously flamboyant fellow bloggers, with lots to eat, loads of fun and heaps of camera-work by our self-proclaimed Fake Photography Society.

So, how did the bento box fair? The crispy, lightly battered, golden katsu (pork) cutlet was incredibly moist and recognisably fried only shortly before it was served. Alongside which was a nice selection of pickled vegetables, silky tofu and very generous portion of fluffy rice sprinkled with dried salmon. Reminds me of the really nice bento boxes I had in Japan.

Not sure when the next featured bento box will be, but I will surely be looking forward to future versions.


Back tracking to my previous visit here – although I really did want to write this up properly – it has been so very long that I would not be doing it justice. So, please see these timely reviews from the other members of Fake Photography Society (I-HuaAshleyBryan) and enjoy the food porn to follow…

Sake? Yes please.

[Top-down] Appetiser; Agedashi Tofu Classic, in hot dashi broth; Hokkaido Chan-chan – foil wrapped grilled salmon with miso butter sauce.

[Clockwise] Incredibly fresh assorted sushi and sashimi; mouthwatering Grilled Ox Tongue with spring onion.

[Clockwise] Chawan Mushi with hidden treasures of prawn, chicken and gingko nut; Soft Shell crab with ponzu sauce; Omusubi – rice balls in assorted flavours; Pumpkin mocha steak.

[Left to right] Ice cream with castella, green tea; Fruits compote with sherbet of Japanese basil; Sake Brulee.

Rating: Yummy+1.5. Aside from being in Port Melbourne (which personally is an annoying destination to get to for a north-east-sider), this well groomed Japanese restaurant come sushi bar produces a well refined and elegant cuisine with impeccably clean flavours. The sushi-sashimi is a strong drawcard here, with the freshest fish, meticulously prepared rice and freshly grated wasabi. And desserts make for a wonderful finish. It is certainly one of my favourite Japanese places in Melbourne.

P.S. Currently, Komeyui is hosting Sho-chiku-bai every Wednesday, where they serve free flowing sake. Lunch break anyone? If only I lived closer…

[Komeyui Japanese restaurant]
Where: 396 Bay Street, Port Melbourne
Contact: 03 9646 2296

>>> For more reviews of Japanese restaurants: see here.

[Katsu Bento Box courtesy of Square One PR and Komeyui]

Komeyui Japanese Restaurant on Urbanspoon

9 Responses to “Komeyui”
  1. renikameow says:

    Wow! That really is food porn! I really want to try this place! How much approx per person did you spend?

  2. Ashley says:

    Bahahahahhaa, Bryan and my faces in that picture is hilarious! I clearly had too much to drink already…and I hope we’re not too obnoxious 😉

    We need to ahve another FPS meetup! Been too loooong!

  3. Jenny says:

    P.S. Currently, Komeyui is hosting Sho-chiku-bai every Wednesday, where they serve free flowing sake. Lunch break anyone? If only I lived closer…

    Is that lunch or dinner?!

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  2. […] especially with their chawan mushi, we went to Komeyui to celebrate Allan’s birthday (his choice).  Located in Port Melbourne, much of my expectation was based on an offhanded comment he said […]

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