Double patty smash burger! Rockwell and sons

This is a quick but deserving burger mention for Rockwell and Sons – a relatively new place (mid 2012) which has taken over the original Provenance food & wine site on Smith Street.

The vibe given off here is one of casual and pared back coarseness. The small kitchen is quite open, so much so that you can see, hear and smell all the action. There is nothing to suggest any climate control here, so it can get quite warm on balmy days, noting how much heat the kitchen radiates. Although nothing a few beers can’t quench right?

The Double patty smash burger was never meant to be the signature dish or main drawcard here, but the overwhelming popularity and word-by-mouth has meant this luscious filler has gone viral. The beautifully juicy beef patty is sandwiched between toasted brioche buns (sourced from Brasserie Bread), Kraft cheese, crunchy gherkins and a generous slathering of special savoury sauce (I am guessing a predominant mix of tomato and aioli of some sort). It isn’t a gigantic burger, but there is plenty of salivation-worthy oomph and glossy indulgence to fill one up. Many have claimed it is far better than huxtaburger, and I may be inclined to agree (Oh my, it is so GOOD!), but give it a try and see what you think!

*the crew at Rockwell and Sons have kindly revealed that their special savoury sauce is a “…mix of 3 different mayo, 80 percent house made, 20 percent kewpie, [including] a savory tomato reduction, herbs, onion, spices, house made pickles”. No wonder it tastes so good!

Aside the accidental success of the smash burger, think lamb sausage dogs, home style French fries with aioli, Hickory smoked onion rings and plenty of beers to wash it all down with. Come night time, the menu reaches out beyond its day time grub, adding a little more refinement and elegance with items like lamb shoulder with artichokes and; Jumbo quail with faro, almond and honey (both of which were beautifully succulent). A small dessert menu also exists for the sweet tooth, such as the Banana pudding, vanilla wafer and whipped cream; Buttermilk panna cotta with strawberries, cardamom and fennel crumb – both of these exemplifying a not-too-fussy approach with simple but balanced components.

Rating: just above Yummy+1. Smashing burgers, beautiful pub food with a little elegance, neat selection of beers, and it is absolutely value for money. I’ve been back twice already, so get in quick!

[Rockwell and Sons]
Where: 288 Smith St, Collingwood
Contact: 03 8415 0700
Note: closed Tuesday.

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4 Responses to “Double patty smash burger! Rockwell and sons”
  1. Julie says:

    I love the look of that burger I really need to try it 🙂 been looking for a burger better then huxtaburger!

  2. Haha kraft cheese! Who would’ve thought! The burger looks seriously good though, and I love how it automatically comes with pickles – the staple item to any good burger if you ask me!

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