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This is virtually ancient history now (well it wasn’t when I drafted this post) that Gordon Ramsay’s Maze at Crown has been taken over by Mr Hive. The décor retains much of the features of its predecessor, but with a much darker tone with a glossy ink finish.

Having an unfilled venue on a midday midweek lunch at Crown is probably not unusual, but for such a big restaurant it was incredibly quiet at the time. Although that would be something like 5 months ago now.

Moving along from the small print, the Summer menu presented itself distinct from the décor resemblances, Executive Chef John Lawson provided a completely new direction that cuts back on the contemporary frills.

Warm bread to start.

Roasted scallops, wild rice and spice – the bed of four scallops whilst beautiful seared had the slightest tinge of translucency. I enjoy raw scallops, so I wasn’t exactly complaining. They were fresh, supple and complemented by a light aioli.

Salt bush lamb shoulder, peas and mint [left] – I have heard the salt bush lamb can at times be variably cooked, but on this occasion it was incredibly tender and succulent in every piece, if anything it was a leaner cut than what I would have liked. A beautiful pea mush and broth lay as the foundation.

Roasted snapper, smoked egg and summer greens [right] – the snapper whilst roasted well, there was nothing spectacular to lift the flavours off the plate.

Raspberry soufflé, “Raymond Blanc” – is a stunning picture on the plate with all the rosy-red hues. The egg white mixture was extremely light and wispy with a fragrant acidity from the raspberry, as distinct from the heavier chocolate renditions at other places. (The current winter menu has a Praline soufflé).

The signature Mrs Hive’s Chocolate bar Peanuts and caramel – is a decadent slice of sweet heaven, densely laden with chocolate mousse, crunchy nuts and peanut butter sorbet. A twirl of chocolate tempered with elegance to complete the look. Brings back good memories of other caramel desserts. * drifts into a daze… See Here, Here and Here

Rating: Yummy+1. Despite the highly debatable reputation back when it was Maze, I quote MsIHua: “I honestly love each and every single visit I’ve ever been to this place old and new.” Simply said it just hits the right notes for me.

[Mr Hive]
Where: Crown Metropol,
8 Whiteman St, Southbank
Contact: 03 9292 8300

For more reviews on Mr Hive see >>> Momo&Coco, MsIHua.

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10 Responses to “Mr Hive Kitchen & Bar”
  1. theragingcook says:

    Nice! Only been to when it was Maze… pity they’re located in a rubbish location of Crown because going by the decent to very good reviews it deserves better – be plonked closer to Atlantic/Rockpool/Guillaume etc

  2. Michelle says:

    I don’t really like maze towards the end of its term but this looks promising.

  3. Ames says:

    Love the look of those desserts! Yet to try it but everyone who has reviewed it seem to love it so looking to try it :).

  4. omg the photos are so good I nearly took a bite 😛

    I always park at this end of Crown … should really check this place out!

  5. Ashley says:

    Ahhh…the souffle look soooooo goood!

  6. Thanks for the link-up, AAR! Haven’t seen your posts in a while. Looking forward to them! 🙂

  7. Such a classy looking meal, especially those scallops and desserts @_@

    And all I’ve had today was vegetable pasta and wedges; super jealous!!

  8. Your photos are absolutely incredible and that souffle looks divine!!

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