Nam Phuong – possibly my favourite Vietnamese place

Ok, so this place on first impression is pretty run-down and pretty much in the middle of nowhere – no kidding. This is the exact sort of place that any normal person would walk past and it would go completely unnoticed.

But, it came highly recommended from Thanh’s family, so why not right?

The spring rolls [top left] are much like the ones we make at home, with ample pork (*ahem* we actually started using chicken at home a long time ago due to health reasons) and oomph. None of that “carrot and I can’t tell what else is in it” style you get at many places.

Sugar cane prawns [top right & bottom right] – well they are what they are. Not my favourite.

Pork wrapped in Betel leaves [bottom left]  I think it’s bo lo lot, my Vietnamese is terrible! These are actually grilled on a grill; not oven baked and not deep fried, pan fried or any fried. Excuse my poor English in this post.

Duck salad [left] – my parents genuinely loved this dish. The duck is a cross between salted duck and poached chicken – a little tingly on the taste buds, and incredibly moist and tender.

Vietnamese omelette (banh xeo) – is a ginormous plate of crispy omelette stuffed full with bean sprouts, prawns and mince flavoured with a light curry. Please order to share, or you will have no space for anything else.

Grilled Pork [top] – much like the betel leaves, one can really taste and smell the grill of the grilling. It is smoky and succulent. And sorry to be a spoil sport, but the little burnt bits are so damn good are really bad for you. But once in a while, ey?

Rating: Yummy+1 – this is probably the closest one will get to home-style Vietnamese fare in Melbourne. Serving sizes are very generous, flavours incredibly honest and homely.

[Nam Phuong]
Where: 957 Heatherton Rd, Springvale
Contact: 03 9558 4771
Service: Don’t expect fine dining qualities here. You ring a bell at the counter when you need some attention.

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10 Responses to “Nam Phuong – possibly my favourite Vietnamese place”
  1. I’m glad you blogged this, I’ve been wanting to try for a long time, but am baulking about the possibility of not getting a table to dine-in cos it’s such a small place. The dishes look really good…!

  2. Michelle says:

    But it is so far away!!!!


  4. Ashley says:

    Having just come back from Vietnam, my mouth is watering. WANT WANT!

  5. josie says:

    Sadness – thought we would try it today. But phone no doesn’t work drove there anyway but closed (friday lunchtime). Very strange….

  6. Authentic deliciousness noted. Much, much appreciated. My husband thanks you & Thanh in advance 🙂
    Heidi xo

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