Day 2 – detour to Yokohama

Morning crowd in Shinjuku.


Despite the buzz of food everywhere you step foot in Japan, one will actually find it hard to find a decent breakfast. The options are limited, and they come few and far between.

A quick breakfast of ramen. Step 1: order at the counter. Step 2: collect ramen and add toppings as you please. Step 3: walk over to the “tap” and pour in your soup. Minimalism to the max.

Personally I thought there was not a lot to do in Yokohama, but part of that being we were visiting family friends which tend to be far less tourist-hopping oriented. But if you have a spare 20 minutes for a train ride to Yokohama, then you could visit the much talked about – although quite touristy – ramen museum.

Sitting on the outskirts of yokohama, near the shin-yokohama station this unassuming building captures a bygone era of old town Tokyo with its replica shitamachi.

What, where to from here?

Kind of dark and eery.

Due to the poorly planned out eating regime throughout the day, I found myself struggling to have any more than one bowl of ramen, especially given they wouldn’t allow us to “share”.

Nonetheless Komurasaki’s charsiu ramen (from the region of Kumamoto) had a creamy, rich bone broth. The ramen was however not particularly chewy, err’ing on the soft side. Although it was by no means the best ramen we had in Japan, it was still miles ahead of what we have back in Melbourne. What points lost in the ramen, was all gained back in the atmosphere this underground dungeon creates.

Now back to the future…

Shin-Yokohama Raumen Museum –
Where: Yokohama, Shinyokohama, 2丁目-14−21. It is a short walk from shin-yokohama station.
Cost: average 800 yen for a regular size bowl.
Tip: don’t eat anything before. Avoid peak days / hours. Heed this advice or risk being run over by hoards of hungry Japanese tourists. Order the mini bowl so you can try a few.

Rating: Yummy+0.5, worth a visit if you are nearby.
Extra points for the décor.


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