Breakfast roundup #3 – Babka bakery cafe

As you might have noticed this is one of several occasions where I have ventured out on breakfast excursions solo. It is strange to say, quite relaxing and facilitating for my food-photography practices.

Today (*ahem, I mean in November) I head down to this little café-bakery on Brunswick St, long since etched in the heart of Melbourne diners.

The crowded space with brunch’ers and waiters, doesn’t leave much room to sprawl out on a lazy morning. But who says one comes here for the space? People flock here for the bakery items and café brunch. I for one came to try the infamous lemon tart.

Soy latte – more often than not most cafes make terrible soy coffees, either using poor quality soy or in the process of brewing they create a clumpy, unpleasant one. Babka fits into a separate category, one among my personal favourites for soy renditions in Melbourne. The brew is smooth, with a mellow aroma of soy milk with a good balance of coffee astringency.

What is this you may ask? Definitely not a lemon tart! It is a plate of artery clogging but ever so satisfying French Toast. A little bit crispy, a light dust of sugar, soft pillowy insides and a whole of a lot of butter, and oh my gluttony…

Now I present to you the Lemon tart. From the bottom up: moreish short pastry base, velvety lemon custard with a distinct citrus acidity, brittle crackle of brulee, sprinkle of white fairy dust aka sugar. The first few bites leave a wonderfully lasting impression on the palate, but it is no doubt sugar-coma inducing and not for the faint hearted.

Pear and custard tart – this would arguably have to be my preferred tart of the two, despite its comparably mellow aromas. The juicy wedges of poached pear – with its slight crunch – together with a cloud of heavenly custard are absolutely plate-licking-worthy.

Rating: Yummy+1. Great soy coffee, and unforgettable tarts!

Where: 358 Brunswick St, Fitzroy
Contact: 03 9416 0091
Warning: come early and in small groups. Please do not attempt the above 3 course degustation, you might die of a very high-sugar death.

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[This post if featured in Gram Magazine]

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11 Responses to “Breakfast roundup #3 – Babka bakery cafe”
  1. forque says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE babka. Go there every time I’m down in Melbourne. I would have chosen the custard tart also over the others mmm

  2. Man, I’m banned from this stuff. Thanks to the resumption of my TCM therapy. 😦

  3. I love that you have lemon tart in your breakfast round up. Surely a breakfast item with all that fruit?

  4. CheezyK says:

    Mmmmmm, we are definitely going to have to start heading into the inner ‘burbs for weekend brunches …

  5. fatboo says:

    Lol @ (*ahem, I mean in November). I find it difficult to brunch by myself still, have tried it a couple of times, but it’s really difficult to fish out my cam when I’m alone. Strange… 🙂

    Did you have THREE desserts in one sitting? :O

  6. libishski says:

    Every time I go to this place, it’s always PACKED >_<

    That French toast looks BOSS though.

  7. Fil says:

    Put me down for a lemon tart, and when just out of the oven an apple danish!

  8. Paul Baron says:

    what about the fab bread! Also the danishes there are pretty damn good

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