eating vegetarian @ Vegie Bar

I am generally not the biggest enthusiast for civilised vegetarian dining alternatives when more primeval carnivorous options are available. It is therefore not surprising I rarely visit solely vegetarian spots on my own accord. In most cases, it would be a futile mission to try to persuade me otherwise. I actually baulked when someone from work suggested vegetarian for an after work dinner, but grudgingly conceded.

[Disclaimer] please be wary that the photos may be pixelated or blurry due to extremely low lighting.

Walking inside this 20 year old eating house and bar, you find yourself surrounded by an eclectic mish-mash of the new comfy dining furniture almost clashing with the old tattered walls plastered in posters and advertising. The space is needless to say warm, loud and energetic, but the floor staff can be a little rough around the edges, at times snobbish and impatient.

Specials on a whiteboard? Love it!

Something to tempt the tastebuds, but ’twas too far for me to reach…

Mexican burrito – tortilla bread with refried kidney beans, spinach, onion and mushrooms, served with rice, topped with melted cheese, chilli, sour cream & guacamole.
Duo – roti bread & steamed brown rice with a duo of chickpea dalh and potato / lentil curry served with a side of minted yoghurt.

These however I could reach…

Sprouted chickpea and cashew hummus – with a little olive oil, lemon juice and pine nut sour cream, toasted sesame seeds. Give me a box of those gluten free crackers any day, and I’ll be happy!

Gyoza dumpling – these little steamed dumplings filled with a blend of carrot, peas, coriander, cabbage, onion and ginger, whilst ok, seriously lacked the meaty juices of the carnivorous varieties.

Stuffed mushrooms – which really looked more like falafels than mushrooms, but on biting you find not only piping hot button mushroom, but also tofu and herbed fetta. An acidic tomato / pineapple based relish comes with it.

Vegie Special smoothie – is a sweet and wholesomely satisfying concoction of banana, honey and bee pollen.

Yogizen pizza – for a thin based pizza this was incredibly filling. Although maybe I ate too much before this arrived? A little Asian twist with Indonesian tempeh, that brings with it tamari, ginger and chilli. Loads of roasted pumpkin, field mushrooms and baby spinach to keep your health in check. Too bad you have a lot of mozzarella to ruin all that hard work.

Being very full to the brim with food already, there was a moments faltering. But ultimately given the complete lack of meat at this occasion, there was no way (we) I was going to pass up some sweet additions…

Rhubarb crumble – soft cuts of rhubarb with not so much as a scant scatter of crumble mixed in. More crumble please.

Berry Cheesecake with soy ice cream.

Sticky date pudding – the sticky, moist tower of sticky date with a flowing pool of caramel was a satisfyingly deadly final blow to the stomach.

Rating: Yummy. The place is packed full, and bookings are difficult, not to mention the staff can be rude. But all is forgiven (or at least forgotten) when the food is up to scratch. Vegie Bar serves honest, relatively healthy, and very affordable food.

[Vegie Bar]
Where: 380 Brunswick St, Fitzroy
Contact: 03 9417 6935
Bookings available, but be wary they only seat you when all have arrived.

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13 Responses to “eating vegetarian @ Vegie Bar”
  1. This place seemed to receive pretty mixed reviews.

    Btw, despite the low lightning i think your pictures are still really nice. 🙂

  2. Hannah says:

    I can’t wait to go here sometime in future, as I desperately want to try their raw options! I have the most insane, crazy story from the time I went to Vegie Bar, but it was pre-blog. I think I should still tell it sometime. Anyway, glad that the absence of meat didn’t make you utterly miserable! Super intrigued by the bee pollen; I’ve been too scared to try it because of the risk of allergic reactions :S Me = hayfever wimp.

  3. Vegetarian says:

    wow… all the pictures looks yummy! I wish I could have such a vegetarian bar on my country, Indonesia!

  4. Who says the pics are pixelised?? They’re very nice!! When i was there, the staff weren’t rude, but they can be quite hippy and in-yer-face, ha ha!

  5. Until now I had yet to find a Vegie Bar blog post clearly capturing the inside of the venue and showcasing the inside as it truly looks – these are really beautiful photographs!

  6. Ashley says:

    Ooh, I came here early last year with Brad, but haven’t been back since. Looks like it’d be much better to show up with a bunch of people and have lots of nibblies like you did! 🙂

  7. I’ve always loved this place, even back in the day when it was called ‘Veg Out Time’ or something similar! It used to be a few doors down of where it is now, and they never had a menu, instead, serving everything in a bain-marie with the names and prices of the dishes written on the glass in chalk-paint. My mum used to take me there regularly when I was a kid and I think it really created my love for eggplant and tofu! I only revisited Vegie Bar recently though and was shocked to see it had moved and was more of a restaurant now than just a cafe. Either way I was impressed with the quality of the food, and I HAVE to agree with you about the staff being rude! The couple at the table next to us even said “Good food as usual, bad staff as usual!” Hah!

  8. emmabovary says:

    Vegie Bar is one of my very favourite places to eat, though I agree with your statement about the staff. Generally they’re lovely, but sometimes they can be snobbish. Adore the vegie dim sims, and that duo looks lovely. Had the mee goreng last week and was disappointed, but generally always order winners from there.

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