Another morning trekking across town to Albert Park, yet again to satisfy my food needs. The excuse being that I felt obligated to come by the all autocratic I-Hua [correction: Crabby Queen] who organised this breakfast. Apologies for those who don’t follow the humour, but for those who do please join in on the evil laughter!

It is always a refreshing pleasure to dine out with other bloggers: topic of conversation is generally about food rather than work, they are generally more tolerant of each other’s camera-whoring, and certainly wouldn’t mind ordering more than one should. The third reason certainly goes against all intentions on healthy eating, but what can I say – we love food, a bit too much.

The exterior with its muted black and white, takes a half-endeavour to be noticed, but shies into the surroundings of the suburban streetscape. The space inside is littered with sparks of retro charm – analogue camera hanging on the wall, book shelf lined with reference books, not to mention the quirky but obviously intended mismatch of crockery and cutlery.

There is certainly no short of people having their coffee fixes here.

Or any shortage of twitter and SLR’s.

Coffees using Dibella beans to start: latte, flat white, chai latte. Being nearly two months ago, I would be lying if I could remember exactly how they tasted, especially given my lack of coffee differentiation. So here is a carbon copy of Bryan’s appraisal: “were okay… [tasting] balanced and safe, with fleeting hints of dark chocolate and copper”. *salutes Bryan*

The Truman – I ordered one of the favourites on the menu, which presents with scrambled eggs, homemade hash served with avocado and relish. The hash is creamy, soft and dotted with chunkier bits of potato and leek. The scrambled eggs had a buttery fragrance however were on the firmer side.

I-Hua opted for extra bacon on top with poached eggs, instead of scrambled, on her Truman.

Connie’s Eggs – poached eggs in Napoli sauce with chorizo and spinach on toasted baguette.

Smoked Salmon and Asparagus – with one poached egg and salsa verde. Bryan found this dish enjoyable with “decent smoked salmon, bursts of wild rocket and a good pesto-like salsa verde”, although a little richer than his original intentions for something light.

After taking a round of photos at this dish, I realised that the sunlight streaming through the windows was dealing a horrendous silhouette onto the plate. Luckily this angled shot worked out alright, peeking over the cups, camera gear and what not.

Trust me to go against all conscious intentions for healthy eating, and submit to subliminal butter cravings. Luckily the rest of the table happily approved of this. Brioche French toast to share! Although heaviness and sweetness was in some excess across the plate, the brioche was no doubt fluffy, indulgently buttery, with knobs of spiced mandarin mascarpone to give some citrusy relief. The crunch of pistachios is always a welcome part of any buttery delight though.

As if that was not calorific enough, we decided to have a second round of coffees with coffee-alternatives – LSD and Soy Caro. What? LSD? Do you mean the psychedelic drug LSD? Actually no, it was a Latte Soy Dandelion – a chai without the spice apparently, with hints of dandelion. The incredibly nutty overtones of the Soy Caro provided a strong bitter contrast to the sweet finale. Neither were my cups of tea.

Rating: Yummy.

381 Montague Street
Albert Park, VIC 3206
03 9077 1372

Check out the photos from the other side of the table at Let’s get fat together, without the silhouette. =)

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[This post has been featured on Gram Magazine]

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9 Responses to “Truman”
  1. Agnes says:

    Crabby queen… heh heh heh. She’s going to give you the stink eye when she sees this!

  2. msihua says:

    You bugger 😛 I am going to give you the stink eye!!!! *Death Stare*

  3. crabby queen… autocratic????

  4. Fatbooo says:

    Thanks for quoting my coffee ramblings, lol.

    I’m in love with the pictures. : ) Awesome depth of field!

  5. Hannah says:

    She may be Crabby Queen to you, but to me she’ll always be my Angle Babe 😀

    Thank heavens one of you went the sweet route! And I’d love to try the LSD, actually!

  6. PhotoMonkey says:

    Hey Triple A

    Great Blog Post and the photos are lovely. I might have to give this one a go as I haven’t heard of it yet it is in my neck of the woods. Would also be interested in possibly coming along to one of the meetups – more as we are relatively new to Melbourne and having never lived here, have a very small group of people we actually know.

    I am going to keep an eye on your blog from now on for any other places of value.


  7. Ashley says:

    You always seem to get pictures of all of us at some point! First me at chillipadi and now I-Hua and Bryan! Teehee. Putting faces to the blogs….gorgeous pics as always 🙂

  8. EatPlayShop says:

    What gorgeous looking food! Love your photography too by the way!

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