Sushi trains are one of my pet peeves, particularly the ones I have had in Melbourne. So when I heard that a new sushi train was in town, and it was going to be in Box Hill, I wasn’t particularly enthusiastic. But, after some persuasion from my sister, along the lines of not judging a book by its cover and also that there was an opening promotion of $3 on all items, I caved in on my stance.

This newly refurbished restaurant is clean, sleek and fairly lively with diners. Watching the chefs prepare your food is always entertaining!

Rating: Yummy – a pleasant experience, but not somewhere I’d return in a hurry. The variety is decent, and presented quite well, however overall it failed to impress. The sashimi at times had a tinge of fishiness, a number of items were drowning in mayonnaise, and the tempura batter was not crispy enough.

There was a lot of room for improvement, whether it is use of fresher ingredients, or even better organisation around the preparation – I saw a batch of tempura bought out in a tray, to be then left under the bench for a good 15-20 minutes before it was served. I must note though, I visited back when it was first opened in September this year, and well I hope they may have cleaned off some of these seething problems since.

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12 Responses to “Edomae”
  1. I’m not a huge fan of sushi train. I don’t think sushi is best served this way. The freshness would have gone and surely the tempura would sog if it’s been circulating a couple of times…

  2. Sushi trains have a bad rep in Melbourne especially, I reckon. When I was in Sydney, they were everywhere, and massively booked out as well. Which helps keep the freshness on the line I suppose! 🙂

  3. Winston says:

    Oh nooo… I was also just thinking the other day, “why are there no good sushi trains in Melb CBD”?! There’s such a good business opportunity there… Though, I think I’d give this place a try too… Hopefully one fine day, sometime uber awesome may turn up =)

  4. Nina says:

    Hi Allan, shame it didn’t impress! Though just the thought of sushi trains don’t usually fill most people with confidence lol. Have you tried Sakura Kaiten Sushi in Little Collins in the CBD? That place is the sushi train bomb!! 🙂

  5. Ashley says:

    Omgawd! I love sushi trains and am always a bit sore how Melbourne is lacking in ones that serve up good sushi. Shame it didn’t impress though 😦 At least now there is an incentive to visit boxhill sometime for me…

  6. As a rule, my expectations are not very high when visiting any sushi train restaurant. I guess part of the attraction is simply the novelty of sitting alongside the conveyer, watching the plates whizz past & picking out a few to enjoy. One thing I’ll never understand is why they bother with cooked dishes on a sushi train, as they are usually merely warm at best.

    I think the same philosophy applies to Teppanyaki restaurants, where the theatrics often overshadows the food itself.

    On the sushi front, there is a fun place in Fitzroy Street, St Kilda called “I Ke Su” (run by a very experienced Vietnamese chap) which does a pretty decent job.

    Will keep Edomae in mind should I find myself over in Box Hill.

  7. msihua says:

    I love sushi trains.. reminds me of High School days when we went to so many that were popping up all over the place in KL… sigh… nostalgia

  8. Nice pics! Looks decent.Though after all the food we ate tonight, it will take a while for my appetite to build up again LOL

  9. hmmmmmmm says:

    worst sushitrain in melbourne. whoevery likes it have low standards.

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