Brunetti – Food trail

Truth be told, I never thought I would visit Brunetti again, in part due to my dislike of Lygon Street, but also in part due to previous experiences. But being easily swayed to anything that comes without a price tag, I thought I would give this place another go when Ashley from Food Pampering suggested it as the next Food Trail.

The beautiful display of cakes, huge glass displays of nibbles, and the warm European feel of the place are the big draw cards of Brunetti.

Bigne San Giuseppe – light doughnut pastry, strega chantilly cream, dusted with sugar.

La Creazione – éclair, choux pastry, bitter chocolate cream, orange, chocolate plaue

French custard tart – baked vanilla custard and sour cherry tart.

Promesse D’amore – crunchy layered pastry called Sfogliatina filled with zabaione Chantilly cream topped with an amarena cherry

Strawberry tart – shortbread base filled with vanilla custard

Cannoli – lightly fried pastry filled with custard.

Millefoglie – light puff pastry layered with vanilla custard [not pictured]

Rating: average to yummy. It may be in the selection of bites brought out to us, but based on what we had I was let down. Sure, it was pleasantly palatable, and there was no disastrous blunders, but nothing in particular raised an eyebrow. It however, remains a very popular social hub in Carlton, but only that.

P.S. In the days when there were patisseries far and few between, one would be justifiably more lenient, but with our current surplus of choices it is hard not to be fastidious with what we eat.

[Dined courtesy of Food pampering & Brunetti Carlton]

204 Faraday St
Carlton, 3053
9347 2801

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8 Responses to “Brunetti – Food trail”
  1. Haha yes I’ve always thought Brunetti the same way: passable, touristy, hits the spot if you need it and not something I’d necessarily blog about! Your pictures were fab though, you’re totally selling the place 😉

  2. I agree about your photos, they are fantastic! A bit of a shame to know that they’re not quite worth the hype, though. Have you tried any of their savoury items before? I had plans to visit Brunetti for lunch a couple of weeks back but the plans fell through – I know that they have baguettes and the like, so I wonder how those are in comparison to their sweets?

  3. I don’t fancy brunetti because it is overpriced! My sister hates it because she can make better tiramisu than them.

  4. Hannah says:

    Oh, sadface! I think mediocrity is worse than bad desserts, because at least with bad desserts you’re allowed to stop eating and go find something else to eat, rather than forcing down something that’s only partly okay!

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