Burch and Purchese – South Yarra

As part of my birthday celebrations, which eventually coalesced with a few other friends’ birthdays to form a massive week long binge, we trekked out to South Yarra after having a lazy breakfast at St Ali. Certainly for those of us, who had been following Master Chef, were incredibly excited.

Entering into B&P is liking walking into a childhood playground, except everything is edible (well almost). One can peer behind the scenes to catch a glimpse of the where all the magic happens.

The creations are incredibly playful (albeit not cheap), with the focus wrapped around the store concept: “where science meets sweetness”.

Meringue stand; and mini meringues to taste.

Our rapidly filling box of cakes… At first we’d though we just share a few, but then after some gentle nudging from me we ended up with a full box of 8 cakes. I mean what better time to exert some birthday influence? And by the way, we also got some meringues as well. I am so greedy.

Cake description labels inclusive! I was so partial to the labels that I have transcribed them below. Reading the super detailed descriptions are enough to make anyone drool, so I won’t spoil it by elaborating too much on each cake.

VIOLET | WHITE CHOCOLATE | VANILLA | TOASTED PINENUT “NUTELLA” – Queen mothers lemon shortbread | violet pastry cream | toasted pinenut “nutella” | white chocolate & vanilla mousse | lemon curd | chocolate violet wafer | crystalised lemon

CHOCOLATE | MANDARIN | SALTED CARAMEL – Kendari 60% chocolate mousse | Murray River salted caramel | burnt mandarin cream | St Clements marmalade | aerated chocolate shortbread | chocolate mirror glaze

BANANA | CARAMEL | RUM – caramelised white chocolate & vanilla mousse | macadamia spiced speculaas | caramelised banana cream | passionfruit jelly | ascorbic rum jelly | caramelised milk solids | passionfruit curd | chocolate velvet spray

This was one of my favourites with nice balance of sweetness from the banana, caramel and white chocolate, with a tinge of sharpness from rum. YUM!

RHUBARB | APPLE | CRUMBLE | CHEESECAKE – caramelised apple | custard cheese cake | malted walnut crumble| rhubarb compote jelly

I’m not sure I liked the cheesecake and rhubarb combination, with an overall quite sour note. Apologies, no photo taken specifically of this one.

RASPBERRY | WHITE CHOCOLATE | HONEY | LYCHEE – white chocolate & raspberry mousse | raspberry & lychee jelly | museli & honey nut sponge | raspberry & hibiscus jam | honey lychee syrup | exaggerated raspberry cream | chocolate velvet spray

The subtle, almost floral-like quality to this cake was a huge crowd pleaser amongst the gals.

DARK CHOCOLATE | PEAR | HAZELNUT – Tarakan 75% chocolate & vanilla mousse | caramelised pear | hazelnut cream | pear cream | chocolate hazelnut brownie | hazelnut milk jelly | dark choc velvet spray

The mousse was certainly smooth with the hazelnut coming through quite nicely, but I failed to appreciate the pear (very subtle).

COCONUT | GINGER | PASSIONFRUIT | MINT – coconut mousse | passionfruit curd | coconut caviar | passionfruit jelly | salted oat & ginger crumble | white chocolate mint wafer | ginger macaroon | brilliant white chocolate spray

A bit of ginger heat thrown against the zing of curd and passionfruit creates a strange but quite unique combination of flavours that will likely polarise the eater – either you like or you don’t.

VANILLA | PISTACHIO | LEMON | GREEN TEA – White chocolate & vanilla mousse | pistachio cream | crunchy green tea meringue | lemon cream | pistachio cake | green tea macaroon | brilliant white chocolate spray

The subtle interplay of flavours between the pistachio, lemon and green tea with a background sweetness of vanilla is absolutely gorgeous. One of my favourites!

Rating: Yummy+1 – Ian Burch and Darren Purchese’s creations are both visually stunning and thoroughly amazing on the palate, albeit sometimes a little busy on ingredients. It is a real joy to sit down with friends, going through each cake trying to guess the ingredients within, which is not always easy!

[ Burch and Purchese ]
647 Chapel Street
South Yarra, 3141
9827 7060

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6 Responses to “Burch and Purchese – South Yarra”
  1. Hannah says:

    I still really, really regret not getting the pistachio one and the white chocolate violet one when I was there with I-Hua! It was so hard trying to choose just a handful of Burch and PUrchese creations… oh how I must go back!

  2. I think I might get my sis’ birthday cake from here. BTW, on 1 to 10, can you please rate the sweetness? Cos my sister cannot really stand her desserts being too sweet

  3. Ashley says:

    The Vanilla, pistachio, lemon and green tea is one of my favourites as well (although I haven’t tried as many cakes as you have. ;))

    Gorgeous pics, the banana and rum combo sounds ah-maaazinng!

  4. Your post made my tummy rumble! The banana caramel and rum one = oh em gee! I’ve been wanting to go here for soooo long! One day we’ll make it there…

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