Mooncake festival – Victoria Market

Given it is Mid-Autumn festival tomorrow I thought I’d make an exception to my chronological blog posting. It’s probably irrelevant now given this “event” was on today, but I thought I would share it anyway. At least you can visit the stores themselves?

So according to mum, there was a festival happening at Victoria Market and since well I had no plans for the morning, I obliged.

For those of you with sharp reading, would have noticed the title of this post is “mooncake” festival and not Mid-Autumn festival. I found it completely absurd that they (whoever hosted this event) morphed the name of the festival. Sure we have mooncakes during this festival, but it is not the same thing. Anyways, that was just my random rant for the day.

So down on Queen St (near the food court) there was a string of your usual Chinese-festival acts on the centre stage, but all the excitement for me occurred at the stalls fuming with smoke and aromas.

Lamb skewers from Lao-Tuo-Jia – Parents are frequenters of Lao-Tuo-Jia on Victoria St for quite some time now, and were planning on us having lunch there prior to Victoria Market. What we find sticky-taped to their front door however, is a sign saying: we will be returning on Tuesday, to which mum retorts – “What? It is a Sunday, they can’t be closed!” Disappointed at this, we stumble across the pedestrian crossing to see if we can fill our stomachs at this festival. From a distance: “Ooh, those skewers look delicious”. At closer inspection: “Ooh, they are here!” They only offer their lamb skewers at the stall, so what happens? Instead of our usual two or maybe three skewers each, we end up more than 6 each (well at least I did anyways).

So what is so special about them? Dusted with a mix of spices mainly of cumin, chilli, peppercorns and garlic, the lamb chunks bursts with juices and fiery heat. Fatty yes, but who cares!

[Lao Tuo Jia]
Shop 1 39-47 Peel Street
West Melbourne 3003
9326 8919

Takoyaki – These have been in and out of the craze throughout Asia, but are probably somewhat unknown here in Melbourne (or at least I have not seen them around). Savoury pancake batter with shreds of octopus, are pan fried in special takoyaki pans until sun-kissed, then drizzled with Japanese mayonnaise, green seaweed dust and katsuobushi (shavings of dried bonito).

Apologies, I actually have no idea what name or where that stall for takoyaki is. Can anyone suggest places that have them?

Chicken sekuwa – This is apparently a Nepalese dish of grilled chicken marinated in a sauce of garlic, ginger, rock salt, soy sauce with a dash of lime juice (as advertised on the billboard). The first bite of it, gave me the impression of tandoori chicken, but milder, less dry and quite moreish actually. There’s also a bit of tomato chutney and salad.

[Nepal Dining Room]
1/ 885 Toorak Rd
Camberwell 3124
9889 1556
(not sure if this address is right, since not on urbanspoon)

Do they look satisfied? Probably for a while. Surely the fast metabolism runs in the family… because soon after we drove up Lygon Street for some afternoon tea at L’atelier. I am yet to post about that, but I swear to God they have the best Hot Chocolate. But admittedly I haven’t been to the big-sister Monsieur Truffe yet.

Wish everyone a happy Mid Autumn festival, with lots of mooncakes!!!

5 Responses to “Mooncake festival – Victoria Market”
  1. Miss JH says:

    Takoyaki is everywhere! Any decent Japanese restaurant will serve them

  2. Didn’t know about the Mooncake Festival. Definitely a good one!

  3. Haha lucky break finding those skewers after the restaurant was closed! I live so nearby and have never been there before, must give it a try. Tried to make it to this festival but spend all of Sunday doing homey things haha 😉

  4. Haha lucky break finding those skewers after the restaurant was closed! I live so nearby and have never been there before, must give it a try. Tried to make it to this festival but spent all of Sunday doing homey things haha 😉

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