Auction Room – sold again in Nth Melbourne

107 Errol St
Melbourne, 3051
03 9326 7749

It is very rare for me to return to any place these days within a short stretch of time, and is thus very unusual – having only visited a couple of weeks earlier – to now return for a second serving. If you missed my first trip, then please see here.

In view of Melbourne weather, I was not at all surprised that it would be wintery cold, but fortunately was lucky enough to score a few spots on the ‘waiting-bench’ before our table was ready. Though the day was again blessed with warm sunshine streaming through the windows, it was the radiator just above us that kept us warm from the intermittent gusts from the opening-and-closing door.

Coffees between three of us:

Flat white and Latte (house blend ‘Candyman’) – had no complaints from my dining companions.

Being very satisfied with the latte last time, it was time for me to try something new – Syphon (Tanzania ‘Clouds of August’). There was a sharp acidity, with a robust aroma and good concentration from the coffee. Whilst I enjoyed the novelty of a new coffee, it is likely an acquired taste that I am ‘yet’ to appreciate. I will get there eventually…

The shady deal – it seems everyone is jumping on the band wagon for Moroccan style eggs these days. Auction Room serves it up with the sharp acidity of morocco tomato and Meredith goat’s feta alongside the umami of chorizo stew and eggplant; topped with perfectly poached eggs and a sprinkle of dukkah. It is certainly a hearty breakfast, but I find the tang from the broth is slightly overpowering, needing something more to soften the edges.

The opening bid – this is a minimalistic presentation of two poached free-range eggs on sourdough toast, with extras on the side. Again eggs were oozing with perfection, mushrooms juicy, and the sweet-tartness of the tomato was perfect to cut through the smoked bacon.

Beer braised and seared pork belly – From the bites I sneaked in the crackling was well crackled and the belly meat was tender. I didn’t get much of the smoky baked beans and cornbread, but it seems like an odd combination. But no complaints were heard – polished off in a jiffy.

Yummy – Honestly I preferred the options I had at the last visit, but nonetheless wonderful breakfast fare. Sure the décor is great, the staff friendly, but it is the impeccable coffee and solid breakfast experience that will keep me coming back.

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5 Responses to “Auction Room – sold again in Nth Melbourne”
  1. Hannah says:

    Oooh, “the shady deal” is so pretty!! That latte glass is also wacky.

  2. not too bad. i think i live near this place. hehe

  3. msihua says:

    I just really want that beer braised pork belly! OMG…Need-to-get-there-ASAP!

  4. Beer braised and seared pork belly YUM YUM!

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