La Belle Miette

Despite being relatively “new” to the Melbourne macaron scene, I am still probably the last to visit and blog about this place along Hardware Lane. P.S. I have officially bumped Miss Adriennely off the ranks for now officially being the last person haha! (Correction: this statement no long stands true, now that there a string of posts following mine!)

This tiny shoebox of a store specialises in macarons, and only macarons. Surely they must be good? The place is so tiny that there is only room for 2 puny cast iron tables, which begs one to think where on earth do they make it? Don’t fret! As I learnt on the day, the kitchen is actually located off site! =)

Check out these macaron boxes. At a slight premium one can choose from the Mint green, Pale blue, Dark plum and Candy pink varieties. They sure do look uncannily like the Laduree ones… =)

The look of the macarons here are like chapters from a fairy tale, with soft baby hues, vibrant splashes of fruity colour, and most importantly have perfect meringue feet.

Texturally they have a crisp outer shell, with a moist and chewy bite to them – much chewier than others I have had. To be honest I quite like the extra bite.

Flavour wise they aren’t too sweet nor overpowering, with a soft fragrant and almost perfume like intensity. Unfortunately I have only tried a small handful of the flavours, so will have to return and make a full assessment next time! *Ahem what an excuse to go on a sugar splurge!

[Correction] on a return visit I indulge myself in a box of 12…

Caramel a la Fleur de Sel
Hazelnut Belle Miette
72% Cocoa Single Origin Chocolate (Venezuela)
Pimm’s & Pomegranate
Strawberry & Vanilla (?cream)
Olive Oil & Vanilla
Violet & Blueberry
Mariage Freres Earl Grey, Chocolate

Rating: Yummy +1.5, of course there are certain flavours which I prefer from other makers, but overall among the best in Melbourne with an envious texture, consistency and delicate perfumery with each macaron.

[La Belle Miette]
30 Hardware Lane
Melbourne CBD, 3000
03 9024 4528

I’d recommend reading: Momo & Coco’s for some more in depth review of La Belle.

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14 Responses to “La Belle Miette”
  1. Oh no, I see you didn’t get the chocolate one… that’s the best one there I reckon!

  2. ah you’ve met my old hostel mate. 🙂 miss adriennely.

    i don’t like la belle miette. 😦

  3. Erika says:

    I liked the olive oil one- I thought the flavour was quite unique! It reminded me of my favourite olive oil icecream @ Movida Aqui ;-). I think some of them can be a little too sweet and coy, but they are beautiful looking macarons aren’t they.

  4. it is sad when I realised I would be in the city later this week with time to spare I thought… OMG I CAN GO HERE!!! ….. 😛

  5. Ashley says:

    Aah, I want to love this place more than I do, but LuxBite and Hardware Societe have a soft spot in my heart….I’m not won over yet, but open to going more often to try and be… 😉

  6. msihua says:

    I’m last I’m last.. I haven’t been!!!

  7. I swear the raspberry macarons here are freakin incredible. Way too pretty to eat

  8. adriennely + adrian – i WILL BE BACK for more, definitely try all the flavours including the chocolate + raspberry ones.

    ashley + michelle – food is always subjective especially when it comes to particularly sweet things =)

    msihua + Shellie – well you better get a move on then =P

  9. Food lover says:

    the macarons look amazing! my mouth is watering now!

  10. As much as the macaroons look beautiful, I’d kill for the box – it’s gorgeous.

  11. Ooh your pictures are soo good, really does justice to the colours! I reckon I’ve tried them all now except for the salted caramel one – a friend gave me a whole boxful, lucky me 😉

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  1. […] La Belle Miette is tucked away in Hardware Lane, amongst the other cafes. You probably wouldn’t notice it if you were just walking by, but it’s pretty window display of macarons will grab your attention if you look carefully. I’ve been wanting to go since I saw Allan’s post on it. […]

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