Hardware Societe – take two

120 Hardware St
Melbourne, 3000
9078 5992

Being busy (*and lazy) and extremely behind in my postings, please see my First visit here from not too long ago for my delectable reel of photos with terrific eggs and mouth watering French toast.

Now straight to the crux of this post: my second visit to Hardware Societe…

Initially a 8.30am meet up, morphed into a 9.45am, in doing so arrived late-ish for my intended get-seated-straight-away-because-we-are-too-early plan. It was as busy as ever with a queue stretching out into the cold icy winds of Hardware Street, but luckily there were bench seats free near the rear corner. The staff were very apologetic about giving us those tables, and offered to give us another table when it was available. Though I knew that we most definitely would not get another table, the courtesy provided was greatly appreciated.

To start: soy latte and flat white; served with little doughnuts. Coffee isn’t the best in town here, when compared with the coffee powerhouses, but the drawcard here isn’t in their coffee but in their breakfast!!!

A new theme going on at Hardware Societe at the time was confit specials…

Confit duck leg
First off I slice my knife through the wobbly poached eggs letting the gooey yolk run down the plate. Then I scoop it all up with the buttery toasted bread. Next came the sautéed slipper jacks and pine mushrooms which came well caramelised with a pinch of burnt bitterness (hmm, I hope it was intentional =P). Now finally to the protagonist of the dish: a glimmering golden crispy skin veiling the soft, succulent flesh of the confit duck. Aside the slight mushroom charring I was jovially satisfied!

Poached eggs with chorizo
The poached eggs are again deliciously gooey in the middle. The Spanish feel with this dish is prompted by the mildly spicy chorizo and soft, succulent slices of capsicum that lay below, giving it a kick of heat and savoury with a bit of juicy sweetness to contrast.

Rating: Yummy+1 breakfast heaven! I say this is a place worth revisiting and will come often, but as always I am guilty of trying to try too many new places from my 100+ wish list …

STAY TUNED!!!! My China posts shall be up sOON!!!

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4 Responses to “Hardware Societe – take two”
  1. Hi, this place looks great. We’re planning a day off soon and think we must all come here for breakfast 🙂

  2. some of their brekkie food are quite salty. 😦

  3. I would like to apply for the position of your second belly. I will happy tour around and eat what you can’t 😛 i need to get to all these places! wahhhhh

  4. foodloca says:

    Hey! I’ve just discovered your blog and I like it! I’ve just been to Hardware Societe-two weeks in a row! What a charming place!

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