Good Food & Wine Show 2011 – Melbourne

In view that the GFWS will be finishing up tomorrow, I thought I’d make a SUPER-quick post on it for those who haven’t yet been. For less than $30 and a $3 wine glass, you can devour produce and sip wines from all over Australia. There are of course celebrity chef shows, wine tasting events, cooking classes… In between all the chaos, there’s places to sit, rest and recouperate, before then forging ahead for more!

What: Good Food And Wine Show (GFWS)
Where: Melbourne convention and exhibition centre, Southbank.
When: finishing up SUNDAY 5th June!!! Catch it between 10am and 5pm.

Mini Ingham turkey burgers to start off.

Take a big bite out of a small burger? =)

Sausages on the barbie!!! Mmm juicy.

A little liquor to wash it down…

A bit of salty snacking on flavoured macadamias and samphire. Apparently samphire is related to seaweed, but it grown in coastal soil! Tastes a little salty and has a tinsy bit of seaweed chewyness.

Glass of wine left, right and centre… Way too much alcohol on offer for just $3. So get your wine glass and start lining up! Did I mention Rebello’s Cheeky Rascal cider (bottom left) – made from apple, strawberry and raspberry – is delicious? 

There are many good and great wines on offer, but personally I must say the sheer number of ‘alcoholic’ stalls makes it extremely difficult to actually buy any. I am way too flustered by the brands, the vineyard locations, the wine types, the vintage… it is all too much for my palate and mind. I personally cannot appreciate so many types of wine in the one session, both in the blunting of taste buds and not to mention the intoxication. I wonder if the intention is to make people intoxicated so they are more likely to buy?

But that is not to say this isn’t a wonderful opportunity to sample a huge variety of wines you would otherwise not be able to; or get drunk…

Now for something to cleanse the palate. Top left: ripe tomatoes the pop with juice! Bottom left: a different species of tomato which has the same water content but doesn’t seep juice onto sandwiches – genius! Right: a selection of Australian citrus, all of which I have never heard before. Some were quite intensely bitter, some sweet, some more acidic. Definitely a great stop for palate cleansing!

Now onwards to the sweet and buttery side of things. I couldn’t help my self from buying some berry coulis – it was not too sweet and would be a perfect accompaniment on icecream and pancakes!! I also brought some ready made pastry in case one day I may need them – haha. Actually to be honest the samples I had of the end result were pretty good for frozen-packaged pastry.  

Hot melting chocolate puds at GU. Simple frozen delights that only need a quick microwave to become melting delights! Sorry guys, we got a taste of these as part of our VIP entry, so don’t expect them to be offered for tastings. Forgot to mention that they offer “…quality cheesecakes, soufflés, ganache,  melting middles, tortes, brownies and mousses…” [quoted from Food Rehab; damn I’m lazy] which are readily available from supermarkets. The chocolate ganache was pure chocolate indulgence! The lemon cheesecake was citrusy with little crunchy bits to imitate a short pastry. *Shiver – fattening – but so delish!

Little cups of mini melts – essentially ice cream frozen in tiny little balls for that added element of texture. The queue was tremendous for this tiny little stall.

Nuts, chocolates, jams, cans and what not… I think a little sugar overload by the end of the day. P.S. (bottom left) Quince paste for free? Ok, I’ll have some. =)

Time for some coffee… LOTS of coffee in fact for the tired and weary. The coffee section is pretty big, with most stalls offering little sample cups of caffeine energy.

How to cook a good al’dente pasta! Look how cute those kids are joining in on the action.

At the Malaysian kitchen stand, with Cheong Liew cooking off a few Malaysian dishes! 

Malaysian with a modern twist. Too bad we could only look and smell.

We also attended a celebtrity theatre session with George and Gary whom had just landed from New York. (not pictured due to atrocious photos =P)

As part of our bloggers briefing to the show, we got to meet Poh up close and personal. She is so down to earth and wonderfully friendly.

Apparently there weren’t a terrible number of new stalls this year, but given it’s my first time attending I was happily scoffing down what ever food that was edible! =)

Ok so here are the details again in case you missed it!
What: Good Food And Wine Show (GFWS)
Where: Melbourne convention and exhibition centre, Southbank.
When: finishing up SUNDAY 5th June!!! Catch it between 10am and 5pm.

[Entry tickets and celebrity shows courtesy of Ogilvy Public Relations & GFWS. And showbag of goodies courtesy of Baked By Mum, Bondi Chai, Sandalford Wines, Go Natural, Woolworths Good Taste Magazine and the Woolworths Macro Pantry, Cheeky Rascal Cider from Rebello Wines]

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Yours truly,

12 Responses to “Good Food & Wine Show 2011 – Melbourne”
  1. JH says:

    POH!!! those tomatoes seem like the best thing ever… i need them.

  2. Chiu says:

    interesting… all these asian old ideas are coming to Aus….. minimelts…choya…

  3. Nice overview of the event! And I like Poh’s Mickey Mouse top heheh.

  4. Omg and I’m going again today. Serious food hangover this weekend.

  5. msihua says:

    Oh my GOD.. HOW fast are you??? AND that is a horrible photo of me catching me at my loony best! 🙂 i LOVE POH!

  6. I bet you’ve met adrienne no?

  7. I bet you’ve met adrienne no? 😀

  8. FOOD says:

    Wish I could be there for 3 days. But exams =((
    Like your post – cover almost everything for those who didnt get to go!

  9. Very nicee overview indeed!! I still dunno how you guys managed to “compress” everything into one post, hahahahaha.

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