JJ’s bar and grill – dessert please!

Crown Entertainment Complex
8 Whiteman St
Southbank, 3006
03 9292 6891

This place has had its fair share of debate and mixed reviews over the years. So I was a little surprised that Ms JG decided this would be the backup plan after our failed attempt to obtain a table at Coda for dessert. But one should never enter a place with too much skepticism nor too much expectation – just go with the flow…

Though it was a fairly quiet night with not too many tables occupied at our arrival, the live piano and singing really helped lift the mood in the space.

Raspberry vanilla cosmopolitan – there is a sweet, berry acidity from the absolut vodka, with splashes of citrus from the Cointreau and lime. I must admit, though nice, it is definitely a gal’s drink, too sweet and floral!

Crème brulee – the scatter of sugar has been perfectly converted to a brittle crackle of caramel that breaks effortlessly under the fork. The underlying custard is silky, and wondrously eggy. I have such a weak spot for good custard!!! mmmmmmm Ooops, forgot to mention the slightly tart berries on top were nice as well =P.

Passionfruit soufflé – a beautifully risen piece of artwork with an absolutely divine meringue aroma!

After a ‘short-food-bloggers-photographing-delay’ the meringue had began to collapse and became lopsided – sigh! If it had been labelled a vanilla soufflé I would have been more impressed, given the passionfruit notes were fairly subtle (possibly too subtle for my liking). The texture was light and fluffy, though I’m not sure if it was a tad too wet (i.e. undercooked). The scoop of mango sorbet had a distinctly sharp acidity that offered a refreshing element.

Rating: maybe a yummy +1 for desserts – absolutely love the crème brulee! Can’t comment on the rest of the menu though =P.

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4 Responses to “JJ’s bar and grill – dessert please!”
  1. msihua says:

    HmMMm.. I can’t say that the desserts look particularly impressive… Also, I don’t think I’ve ever taken noticed of JJ’s!! Shocking!

  2. lor says:

    Must say I was very disappointed with JJ’s when I went last month (this was for dinner, did not have dessert because was so disappointed with the dinner) – everything was just bland. Very average food for a premium.

    • hmm, yeh i’ve heard much “negative” reviews over the food / price / service. but i’m happy to say for dessert i was much delighted =).

      • Yaz says:

        Surprised! We go there for an indolence on the seafood platter which we LOVE!! It’s the only item we order & by the time we are done there isn’t room for anything else.
        We have had many a seaford platters & this is by far the best in Vic.
        Also you really can’t go wrong with the raspberry & vanilla cosmo, its a must for me.

        Really is our special night out since it’s pricie but you can’t go wrong, it’s to die for.

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