Seven Seeds – sister of BBB and DeClieu

114 Berkeley St
Carlton, 3053
03 9347 8664

Just a quick stop after dropping Ms JH off at Uni…

I seriously don’t understand this trend for café obscurity – what happened to big fluoro signage that was easy to spot? Thank God for iPhone GPS, for the front entrance is so hidden away you could easily walk past it 5 times before realising it. The overflow of coffee-sippers onto outdoor tables at the back entrance makes it a little easier to spot, but that’s after you stumble down an alleyway to actually find it.

Being another creation of Mark and Bridget alongside Brother Baba Budan and De Clieu – and previously St Ali – the simple aesthetics here are visible throughout. Set against the distressed-brick industrial-look which is fully equipped with bike racks, is a very popular Law student hangout. Carrying backpacks, mountains of notes spilling out of handbags, blended next to locals with groceries in their hands, some with their newspapers sprawled out in a leisurely manner – makes for a real diverse mish-mash of coffee goers or lovers for that matter.

Oh no, the art is all ruined…

Coffee – The coffee here is no doubt excellent. Latte is perfectly smooth and creamy with a nice touch of roast. The coffee art is almost as good as the roasted aromas that come through the silky froth in the cappuccino. BUT, I am afraid I prefer the latte at St Ali’s by just a tiny smidgen. Though having not yet tried the powerhouse BBB, I will have to wait and see before I make any further comparisons…

Canelés de Bordeaux (from the display counter) – are sinful little cakes with a sticky-sweet and chewy shell, with a moreishly eggy and creamy interior. Mmm

Brioche French toast – a lightly fried-egg aroma on 3 slices of soft, fluffy and indulgently buttery brioche, works in harmony with the small mound of mascarpone that is not too sweet, and has a lovely note of blueberry. The translucent syrup beneath is actually a little too much sweetness, and could do with less of it on the plate. Despite that, I couldn’t help digging for the sprinkles of toasty, crunchy hazelnut crumbs.

Rating: Yummy, verging on +1. Coffee is terrific and brioche decadent. Too bad no more daily travels to Melbourne University…

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7 Responses to “Seven Seeds – sister of BBB and DeClieu”
  1. Blueberry marscapone!!?? Simply moorish!

    Try French toast at las Chicas (Balaclava)

  2. I’m planning to have breakfast here someday. Maybe I can check out some law students. Haha.

  3. msihua says:

    I have yet to eat here.. but I did do my spot of coffee surveying a few years back.. Altho I love the decor and easy-going-ness here.. I still love my BBB… I can sit in BBB and drink copious amounts of coffee and be soooo happy!

  4. yummmmm that french toast looks amazing. Love the addition of blueberry to the mascarpone. Great pics! I need to try this place, have heard loads of good things about their coffee.
    Heidi xo

  5. misspinkles says:

    you ruined a perfectly beautiful coffee!!!

  6. FOOD says:

    Went there again today.
    Great mocha to kick start the day. Like the mocha, not very sweet. Love the ambiance too!

  7. forque says:

    Oh I want to go now, only made it to BBB last time I was down in Melbourne.

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