LuxBite – macarons+++

38 Toorak Road
South Yarra, 3141
03 9867 5888

After a wholly satisfying breakfast across the west side at Duchess of Spotswood with Thanh, we headed back east for a macaron fix at South Yarra. P.S. I haven’t forgotten writing about Duchess – good things come with time *ahem*.

The traffic laden streets of Toorak road are – I repeat – a dreadful nightmare usually, but I was pleasantly surprised to have no traffic issues on my way there at midday. YAY! The window pane – clearly signed with “Life is uncertain, Eat dessert first.” – provides ample sunlight to light up the store front. Sleek shades of provincial black and white helps bring out the vibrantly colourful macarons and delicate desserts nestled in glass displays.

Caution: there will be a LOT of juicy mouth watering photos to follow! They were all so pretty and salivation inducing, such that I went a little overboard with snaps.

Who could possibly resist these macarons ey?

Given Thanh had tasted most of the flavours available, I left it completely (well almost completely) up to him to select a box of 8 for me to savour at home. If you buy more, the macarons are carefully arranged in sleek cardboard boxes ready for the road home, but you can also get neat little plastic pockets if you buy 1-2 macarons.

Kaya Toast: Lovely mellow toast flavour with a strong buttery and caramel element.

Salted caramel: tastes like salted caramel, duh! =)

Passionfruit: Quite an intense kick of fruity acidity, but can certainly savour the passionfruit coming through the sweet acidity.

Vanilla crème brulee: I think this one almost got a standing ovation from Thanh given how enthusiastic he was to have me try this flavour. I must say the perfect meringue sprinkled with browned-sugar filled with a creamy ganache really was something. Sweet – yes, caramelisation – yes, and tastes like crème brulee – yes.

White peach & Jasmine: Sweet taste of peach, but not so much of jasmine.

Raspberry and white chocolate: tasted refreshingly of raspberry and white chocolate.

Pistachio: lovely pistachio flavour. I prefer Cacao’s version though with a little more complexity on the palate. (oops no dedicated picture here)

Ok, so that’s a hell-uva-lot of macarons. But WAIT, forgot to show you the display of DESSERTS!!!

Way too many choices…

‘Ispahan’: actually I don’t think it is called this in-store given copyright to Pierre Herme, but truly does pay homage to the original creation. It Is a lovely meringue that is not overly dried (as can easily happen with larger meringues), filled with fresh juicy raspberries, lychee and a really delicate floral cream.

Just look at Thanh deconstructing the beatiful dessert so I can take a photo. HAHA!

Rating: Yummy+1. Sugar overload for one day, but well worth it!

Anyways, so what did I think of LuxBite macarons? Mostly perfect in appearance, many delicious and some superb flavours, and definitely a very good meringue texture with a slightly crisp shell and a faintly chewy-fluffy middle. They do err slightly on the sweet side, but that seems to be the general trend with Melbourne macarons. I’d still rank these amongst the finest in Melbourne though.

If only I lived closer I’d be much more inclined to return for more macarons, more desserts and also join in on the new breakfast menu when it commences.

P.S. Breakfast at Duchess of Spotswood was awesome…

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14 Responses to “LuxBite – macarons+++”
  1. omg so much food porn!! should just have my birthday here 😛

    MUST get down there! Looks like our version of Zumbo

  2. shellie – yupz! unfortunately their variety isnt as extensive as zumbo’s. although flavours are (from what i hear) a lot simpler and more palatable compared to some crazy crazy zumbo concoctions haha

    michelle – yeh a bit sweet. but all melbourne macarons are generally quite sweet

  3. Ashley says:

    *happy siiiiiigh* I looove Luxbite. 🙂 You got some great shots of the macarons!

  4. msihua says:

    I love Luxbite 🙂 LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!

  5. Erika says:

    Oh, I was reading your blpg and realised that it’s 15 mins walk away from work. Also tried their peanut butter and jelly one- quite unique and delicious.

  6. Thanh says:

    The macarons are so delicious. We must go back again soon and try out more of the desserts. I like the arty compilation of photos. Is that done in Photoshop? You must teach me how to do that.

  7. ashley – thx. the lighting in the glass displays sure helped

    msihua – indeed

    erika – 15min walk? well if i were that close i’d certainly pop by every week and get diabetes whilst i’m at it.

    thanh – so much driving =P. and the chances of me returning to any place that i’ve recently been to already is pretty slim HAHAHA. i’m such a snob for new things. Unless of course it’s on the way =P. yupz photoshop!

  8. adriennely says:

    I can’t wait to try this place out! the kaya toast macaron looks divine!

  9. Yes.. I do love luxBite very much. Very soon… I can see it everyday for 6 days…. dionk dionk dionk,….

  10. Mez says:

    I’ve been looking for a decent Macaroon place, this looks sensational!!!

  11. libishski says:

    I liked this place so much (review coming soon) that I’m going to buy a box of 16 macarons when I’m there next (8 salted caramel ones, 4 kaya toasts and 4 creme brulees) mwahahaha! Beautiful photos as always 🙂

  12. adriennley – love the buttery filling of kaya =)

    penny – 6 days a week??? gosh hope u dont eat there everyday hahaha, poor waistline

    mez – hope u like it

    libishski – box of 16…. ???? thats a LOT HAHAHA. and mainly of 3 flavours HAHA

  13. FOOD says:

    Hey Allan,

    Finally tried the macarons. LOVE them!! Tried 8 flavours – salted caramel, kaya (very authentic kaya flavour), vanilla creme brulee, pistachio, raspberry, passionfruit etc. Still keeping the lovely box.

    Will definitely go back for the other desserts!! =)

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